Rare Earth, Lynas & What are We Expecting (Updated)

UPDATE: Added new infographic. who doesnt love infographic?

What is Rare Earth?

To understand rare earth, here is a great awesome easy to understand video by Hank Green in SciShow.

Useful infographic about the Lynas case.

Save Malaysia Stop Lynas Infographic visual.ly joshuatly.com
Click for large picture

When I first know about Malaysia is having a rare earth refining facility in Kuantan, I thought OH Malaysia have rare earth, and this will make Malaysia pretty rich, but it happened to not to be true.
, Australian rare earths mining company is the one who is processing the rare earth in Kuantan… well, that is NOT good. This will only make those few 1% of the people behind this very rich and causing a big problem to the rest of us.

I hope that our voice to stop Lynas to process rare earth in Malaysia will be heard, and they will get out of our country.


Source for infographic: Visual.ly

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  1. Emily March 3, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

    When i went to Australia for holiday back in december, this Lynas thingy was all over the news. Somehow rather, Malaysian news channel didnt broadcast a word about this. I bet if they did, everyone would be exploding with anger by now. I know my friends did when i told them.

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