Quick Update

Again, another quick update.
Very sorry that i cant afford to have time to write a really serious and normal post because of those things below:
 – Im sick. Sore Throat (Too Bad)
 – I need time to recover back 300GB of my data which lost during last format. (Damn it. those things will cost me more than RM1000 or 4 months if i want to download again)
 – I go to KL today. probably going to 1U to buy my CNY shirt. Haha and of cos with family! I hope today’s trip will be very nice since so long im not with my family and hope also my sore throat wont make me not comfortable during our trip… 

And im so happy because i had get the DJ Max latest series on PSP: DJ Max Portable Black Square on my PSP!
Haha, and i think im going to have a very good experience with it! 

Thats all!
More coming soon…

Again Happy New Year 2009!


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