Portal 2: When the puzzles solved [PART 2: Here Comes Portal 2]

E3 had ended, and I will try to put all those Portal 2 information on this post.
For your information, Valve had cancelled the Portal 2 party that original planned and you can read more here: http://kotaku.com/5552813/surprise-no-portal-2-party-at-e3

Then, there is a very very surprise moment on the Sony Press Conference at E3. You know, im live streaming and when that moment come, i was….. really really really surprised and happy and exciting when GLaDOS give us Gabe Newell!!!


Portal 2 E3 Trailer

Portal 2 Demo,
More how will portal 2 work explained.

Portal 2 Interviews

Thats all i can find on the web on the moment this post is published.
You can learn more about Portal 2 and obviously there are so many things remain unknown till the day the game released… which will be 2011 sadly…

If you checked out my part 1 or learn yourself about the theories behind march 2010 updates of Portal PC, you will be able to figure out yourself whats going on with that updates and whats the puzzle pieces that had been solved.

I will talk more about this on the next post,
By the way, check out the 1st post:


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