Portal 2: When the puzzles solved [PART 1: Story revisit]

Hey guys, remember when back in march 2010 (this year) when portal get a major updates? And there are plenty of theories appearing…..
Today when i revisit them, after knowing details about Portal 2, the puzzles solved! AT LAST!

Here is to share IF you got no idea whats going on…
On March 01, Portal get a major updates, although not much was written in the log, but the gameplay is significant. Its about the transmission thing, something had to do with the radio…

Really, i scare the hell out of my seat when the sound the radio being destroyed.

There are 26 radios in the game, go search youtube if you want to watch them…
About the morse code…
You can read more at:

Then more and more people started to process the radio sound….
And then they get these:

On March 03, the ending video was changed, indicating there is a sequel to the game. 
(Video after the break)


Which the video clearly she is being pulled back by someone…
And by the way, i cant explain everything here, just watch these:

And read here:



Information below are taken from This Google Wave


Where we are:

Gabe Newel preformed his acceptance speech for the pioneer award at GDC a

Durring the presentation a Blue screen of death occurs during the presentation saying "Suspend until EEE" (E3): http://portalwiki.net/index.php/Acceptance_Speech

Portal 2 Announced!

Official Announcement: http://store.steampowered.com/news/3559/

First Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDj1fYlwR00&hd=1

ASCII Art from IRC reveals all sorts of images after connecting to GLADoS via BBS.






Analysis: http://i.imgur.com/sFEKz.png

Compilation: http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/5388/updatedk.png

Compilation Enhanced: http://bit.ly/cvp2vW

– Enhanced ascii art via some blurring/sharpening, noise reduction, messing with levels and rotating where appropriate

Current Goals:

*Waiting for E3 when the ARG starts again.

*Trying to figure out what all the ASCII pics mean. Right now we’re only getting a stream of ASCII art, so until the stream ends/terminates, we have nothing to do but sit and interpret the images as the ASCII art comes through. All data + speculation rew

[1] What we have discovered

[1.1] Portal Update

On March 1, 2010 the PC version of Portal recieved an updated containing a new achievement. The new achievement is for finding 26 newly hidden radios throughout the game, bringing them to special places, and they will play random noises or Morse code.update with a new achievement. The achievement was for finding 26 hidden radio transmissions throughout the game.

[1.2] Translating radio transmissions

The radio transmissions from the game contained either Morse Code or SSTV images

Morse code -> Three of the "dinosaur" audio files contain Morse Code data:

dinosaur1.wav: "Interior Transmission Active External Data Line Active Message Digest Active"

dinosaur12.wav: "System Data DUMP Active User Backup Active Password Backup Active"


(interpreted once again as Morse Code, this translates to "LOL")

SSTV -> The remaining "dinosaur" audio files contain pictures which have been encoded using SSTV.

dinosaur1 – NOT AN IMAGE: See Morse Code above

dinosaur2 – http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/2862/dino2.png

dinosaur3 – http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/5395/dino3.png

dinosaur4 – http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/8126/dino4.png

dinosaur6 – http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/474/dino6t.png

dinosaur7 – http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/804/dino7.png

dinosaur8 – http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/4015/dino8.png

dinosaur9 – http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/1900/dino9z.png

dinosaur10 – http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/6002/dino10.png

dinosaur11 – http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/5893/dino11.png

dinosaur12 – NOT AN IMAGE: See Morse Code above

dinosaur13 – http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/2015/dino13.png

dinosaur14 – http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/6633/dino14.png

dinosaur15 – http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/2716/dino15.png

dinosaur16 – http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3671/dino16.png

dinosaur17 – NOT AN IMAGE: See Morse Code above

dinosaur18 – http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/5874/dino18.png

dinosaur19 – http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8443/dino19.png

dinosaur20 – http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8295/dino20.png

dinosaur21 – http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6334/dino21.png

dinosaur22 – http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/6657/dino22.png [ Original ]

dinosaur23 – http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4641/dino23.png

dinosaur24 – http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/1385/dino24.png

dinosaur25 – http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/4139/dino25.png

dinosaur26 – http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/3913/dino26.png

CLEANED-UP AUDIO FILES From the Steam Forums

So I uploaded them to my allegedly unlimited-bandwidth website for easy listening!

People are claiming that they can hear Barney or Alyx or something, I’m too damn tired to make anything out myself.

[1.3] Hidden message from SSTV images

The SSTV pictures, when ordered display an MD5 hex string in the numbers/letters: 9459C6CAC8C203B8128B7CC63068D4FD. A little bruteforcing (and the realization that it may be a phone number, due to the "(###) ###-####" references in many of the photos) reveals the string "(425) 822-5251" has this MD5.

Ignore "new md5 hash" is Troll This hash decodes to "http://pbwiki.com/content/jobs" and is apparently from 2008…

[1.4] Connect to BBS server

When the telephone number (see MD5 above) is called a modem answers [spectral analysis files here, although they do not show much]. A BBS server resides at this number. The username and password are both "backup" (this clue provided by dinosaur12.wav). After logging in ASCII art scrolls by, often contained in individual "records".

BBS login screen -> backup/backup (resulted in GlaDOS ASCII art, see "Screenshot evidence" below).

The BACKUP user account was only activated an hour or two after the various forums decoded that from the Morse Code.

[1.5] Receive images and files from BBS server

[1.5.a] Files

Notes from CJohnson

‘SomeNote’ text

—- BEGIN RECORD ‘C:9394469.7567583916.313’ (371 BYTES) —-

MEMORANDUMS: Filed under CJohnson: 1

&&^521762 jsow remind you that Aperture Science is built on three pillars.ÛÛÛÛ

Pillar one: Science without results is just witchcraft. Pillar two: GetÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜü

results or you’re fired. Pillar three: if you suspect a coworker of bein’ a

witch, report them immediately. I cannot stress that enough. Witchcraft will

not be tolerated.



—- BEGIN RECORD ‘C:5889440.6523173138.235’ (2167 BYTES) —-

‘Dialogue’ text from Data Dump:

—- BEGIN RECORD ‘C:7533945.9359823219.940’ (570 BYTES) —-

MEMORANDUMS: Filed under CJohnson: 1564029-G

&&*&)90 &^@^@% &@!%@$%@!&@^ ((#(kjkjsdsajdlkdjsk ^@%% and do not 2612%^54talk

to me about casualty rates. The bean counters told me I couldn’t fire a man

just for bein in a wheelchair. Did it anyway! Ramps are expensive. Or when

they said I couldn’t practice beekeeping in the office. They should have told

that to the honey that won first place in the state finals! &43$$$ $#@^^&@*&^

Hell, they even said I couldn’t cheat death. You know where I’d be if I

followed the rules? Dead! Dead, and honey prize-less!



‘Acquisitions’ text: (http://xkeeper.net/private/output.txt)


—- BEGIN RECORD ‘C:5083881.8014186850.542’ (1751 BYTES) —-


October 17th, 1976

Re: Human Enrichment & Testing Initiative, Resource Acquisitions

1. "Low Risk" Human Resource Acquisitions

a. Hoboes and Tramps

Lives spent wandering aimlessly, cowering before authority, and drinking

concussive amounts of home-distilled potato alcohol make hoboes the perfect

Human Enrichment test subjects. The hobo questions nothing, will follow orders

if fed, and, like all hoboes, has a restless, wandering heart. (Note: The

wandering heart of the hobo should not be confused with Drifting Heart

Syndrome, which several transients contracted during testing.)

b. Child Orphans and Foundlings

Deep-rooted abandonment issues leave most orphans highly susceptible to

shame-based psychology (for a complete list of opportune moments to obliterate

the esteem of test subjects, please consult Training Video #89-D, "You’d

Perform This Test Better if You Had Parents"). Recent advances in the use of

scorn, flattery used in an ironic context and naked contempt as motivational

tools have yielded similarly profitable results.

c. Psychiatric Patients

Past experience shows these fellows are simply not shy at all about carrying

on, disrupting tests and defecating just about anywhere that pleases them.

Frankly, itís off-putting, and small wonder why Aperture-brand mental

institutions are being phased out in favor of more orphanages.

d. Seniors

Frail, brittle hands make holding science devices difficult. Most were born

before the advent of science, and can become confused and disoriented when

asked to participate in relatively simple tests (teleportation, invisibility,

adjusting esteem levels of orphan children).



Filed under CJohnson

A lot of you have been raising concerns of the so called "dangers" of what we’re all doing here. The beancounters told me to tell you that as of today, testing will no longer be as mandatory, or as dangerous. That’s not gonna happen. And here’s the reason:

Science isnt about why, it’s about why not. You ask ‘why is so much of our science dangerous?’ I say, Why not marry safe science if you love it so much. In fact why not invent a special safety door that won’t hit you in the butt on your way out cause you are fired.

Plus, in the event of your death, I personally guarentee that, thanks to the form you were required to sign this morning, your family will not suffer the indignities of a long and costly legal battle against Aperture Science. Trust me, I am rich, and it is a burden I would not wish on anyone.

To summarize: <incoherent>

[1.5.b] Images

***Has anyone tried logging the BBS stream and then running the ASCII art through an NFO reader? We might be able to get much clearer images of the pics.***

Stream #1:

Blurred version of screen caps better detail. << provided by steam forums fourtyseven203



Provided by Steam Forums Relazeder



HD link to download of footage http://kevin.fobby.net/portal_puzzle/videos1.7z

  • Records accessed:
  • <DATA> [Warning: Undiscovered corruption in error correction (ABEND 132)]
  • C:0781706.3095441580.485 (7124 bytes) <DATA> [Error: press any key]
  • C:2099218.3483659131.810 (5093 bytes) <DATA>
  • (another screenshot shows ^ this number, with one digit changed C:2099218.3473659131.810 (5093 bytes) <DATA>

Stream #2:

  • Analysis:
  • In Progress. Add please.
  • Seems like a pretty clear companion cube reference. Be nice to have a screencap. Anyone able to provide?
  • First a shaded clear circle or sphere.
  • Then "ANOMALOUS EMOTIONAL RESPONSE DETECTED ( H226 ) and a bursting heart (the one you broke, GLADoS’ perheaps?)
  • then "BIOS INSUFFICIENTLY BASIC * ( #702 )" and a partial message/image
  • Records accessed:
  • <DATA> [Warning: Out of memory below 640KB (-689)]
  • C:8849055.1013175671.255 (4774 bytes) <DATA> [Caution: Anomalous emotional response detected (#226)]
  • C:2737904.9387556322.827 (3239 bytes) <DATA> [Warning: BIOS insufficiently basic (#702)]
  • C:7423498.2186523520.892 (7430 bytes) <DATA> [random characters?]
  • Screen cap: http://i.imgur.com/KqFfj.png

Stream #3:

  • Analysis:
  • In Progress
  • http://i.imgur.com/Z01I6.png
  • Screencap ^
  • Two halves of a turret?
  • Image appears to contain a crib?
  • Appears to be several Aperture turrets
  • Two men standing in a room http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortyseven/4400915286/
  • Two men resemble the outline figures from the demonstrative pictures and the original trailer
  • 2nd’d I agree. The structure seems to be the cutout walls that were used in the original trailer
  • May be two people (husband/wife?) in a room with a crib <- christian detected
  • One seems to be pointing out the window.
  • I like this:
  • http://i.imgur.com/OCoQu.jpg
  • compare to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TluRVBhmf8w


  • Appears to be inverted image of stream 1
  • Inversion likely just the result of differing software or configuration

Records accessed:

  • C:8692436.5805637080.262 (8340 bytes) <DATA> [Warning: Undiscovered corruption in error correction (abend 132)]
  • this resembles a phone number – (580) 869-2436 – called it, no one/nothing picked up. note that 869-2436 is a way to spell "VOYAGE" on a phone.
  • C:0781706.3095441580.485 (7124 bytes) <DATA> [random characters?]

Stream #4:

  • Analysis
  • In Progress
  • The first image very clearly has a GLaDOS eye.
  • New copyright dates? moving forward in "time?"
  • Requesting some disk? We have numbers on this?
  • Records accessed:
  • <DATA> [Warning: Please place disk #14 in drive B:]
  • C:7753863.5402524629.442 (7052 BYTES) <DATA> [disconnect]
  • Drive B: is the drive used in the aperturescience.com terminal

Stream #5:

  • Analysis:
  • In Progress

Stream #6:

[1.6] Analyzing and interpreting the data

First image from Stream #1 http://i45.tinypic.com/jaay4w.jpg

  • Gun Turrets?

Second image from Stream #1 Second image from Stream #1

Compilation of all(?) data streams, both original copies and digitally enhanced copies. http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/9216/portalasciienhanced.png

Many of the ASCII text images have been matched up with in game pictures of Portal 2: http://portalwiki.net/index.php/Known_Images

[2] Other known facts

  • There is no relation to the Whats In the Box? ARG (all whatsinthebox/Babel Research fan-based videos/websites are unrelated).
  • The Old DOS-style Aperture Science website is irrelevant at the moment.
  • Username/Password is Backup/Backup
  • After googling the BBS number from above, a few addresses from Kirkland, Washington tied to the number were discovered. A Steam forum member went to these locations, and found nothing.
  • This is an image of a chicken and is not a clue. It was part of the original game, and not the recent update.
  • HL2 EP2’s update was just the engine, nothing of relevance (do we really know this? 🙂

> Check old GCFs against new GCFs. MD5/CRC32/SHA-

1 both of them to see if anything changed.

Checked Portal Content.gcf, differences are located at http://myworkarea.net/Portal/

Portal English.gcf is the same, no updated files.

HL2 Ep2 GCF’s seem unmodified, EP2 maps and materials are verified the same. Unable to check the content.gcf due to corruption issues?

[2.1] Image dump

what about this image: http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/6278/portalascii.png

Some data lies within the steg.graphy of the various wave files.

Screenshot evidence:

http://imgur.com/PAKSf.png looks like it matches Dinosaur 6 (Above) http://i.imgur.com/sFEKz.png


oh so so definitive proof of ASCII GladOS: http://i50.tinypic.com/2z4y00o.jpg

streams http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/9306/portalasciilarge2.png

[3] Theories

[3.1] Portal Related image Dump from HL: Ep.2

explain relation

> IIRC it’s from Episode Two, during the cutscene where the S hits the F.

> Right, during discussion of Aperture and Borealis.


– Borealis, Large Photo


– Borealis, Old Slide (with two of the scientists from the photo in Eli’s lab in Half-Life 2 pasted in front of it)


– Borealis, Small Vignette


– Borealis, Aft-Port Schematics


– Borealis, Unknown Schematics ("Material Emancipation Grid: Post test Room Similar Except as notes" and "Arrgt. of main unstationary scaffold and machinery")


– Borealis, Starboard Schematics


– Borealis, Unknown Data

Logon dump is at http://kevin.fobby.net/portal_puzzle/DUMP.txt courtesy of smash (SPUF volunteer mod)


2010-03-01 22:18:01 <+Kevin_b_er> Notes from CJohnson

2010-03-01 22:18:41 <+Kevin_b_er> http://kevin.fobby.net/portal_puzzle/somenote.txt

> irc://irc.chat-solutions.org/portal

[3.2] Emotional Response

Strangely, all of the "ANOMALOUS EMOTIONAL RESPONSE"s come with different attached numbers, suggesting different anomalous responses? suggesting sequential anomalous responses, perhaps from people responding on it.

[3.3] GlaDOS v3.11

3.11: possible date, version of windows, version of GlaDOS, Gabe Newell’s birthday (Nov. 3), GDC conference from March 9th – 13th (Gabe Newell Receives an award on the 11th)

>Does this have anything to do with the error in stream 4?

>> I currently have some people trying to decompile the flash file


[3.4] dinosaur_noise.wav

See near top for newly converted audio file.

Easier to distinguish voices when low pass filters are applied (4K, 2k,500)

Just a quick low pass on it: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/zvck

The voices are so soft; it’s really hard to get something intelligible.

Brief times to point out:

2.5s: 4 loud syllables

5.5s: raise in pitch/voice

15s: "male" voice ends, "female" begins

"Female" voice seems to raise tone/express anger?

Could be scientist: speculation of Kleiner/Alyx

Almost definitely is Kleiner exclaiming "That’s Amazing!" Definitely not Alyx.

The waveform is not even; it’s very lopsided. Maybe there’s something other than filters to do.

Any idea what these voices are? Sounds like a conversation…?

Sounds like a recording explaining something, then Kleiner exclaming "That’s Amazing" over the top.

I thought they sounded like Jonothon Coulton and a girl?

What FFT did you use to get that specific?!

Audacity with those filters and blasted my amps and listened REAL hard.

[3.5] Other pics

Images: [http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/2029/portalredone1.png More refined: http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/9828/moreq.png]

Speculations on what the images are:

[see http://sonof.bandit.name/files/?dir=portal_sstv -> ++? ]

Someone should go through these images that contain a BBS reference and check them against the BBS everyone is using/used. Are they the same numbers?

[3.6] Dinosaur equations

Each of the equations on the #/32 had an incorrect part, why?

> To throw us off?

> Because VALVe likes to play games with us?

>>But some of those mistakes turned out to be part of the hash, and necessary

>>> Because The portal gun works outside of our assumed working of physics.

>>>>Aperture got the math wrong?

>Different universe == Different physics?

> Think in-universe. If these were coded secret messages, this might be a smart way to get it across. I wouldn’t look to much into it.

>>Perhaps, but I find it bizzare that of all the different ways they could relay letters and numbers, they used keyboards and equations so many times.

Equations in the pictures:

  • B*dA=3
  • likely part of the electric flux equations: int( E* dA ) = Phi
  • B, however is the magnetic field
  • Why it equals 3 is unknown (should = 0?)
  • only should be 0 if it’s integral of B*dA and a closed surface, although the integral is probably supposed to be there given the differential area is
  • Phi = dV/dt
  • Also associated with flux
  • EMF = -dPhi/dt
  • (pi R^4) / (8 n)
  • pi*R^4 is related to the 4-D equivalent of volume for a hypersphere, but I don’t know what the constant involved is and am way too tired to do the integral
  • I was wrong about that – V4 is (pi^2 * R^4)/2
  • This seems to support that there’s something wrong with each equation.
  • OR something is more right than our equation
  • n = variable of summation?
  • this strongly reminds me of black hole thermodynamics – it either is or resembles an equation describing the maximal information entropy at the event horizon around a black hole.
  • maybe it’s related to the Holographic Principle…I forget.
  • (p – qA)
  • This is part of the Hamiltonian for determining the momentum of a particle (Quantum Mechanics)
  • here p is momentum, q is charge, A is the electromagnetic vector potential
  • xk pk ck ) Psi (x,t)
  • Looks to be part of the Time Dependant Schrodinger’s Equation, however I am not sure what the coefficient on the wave function is.
  • k constants come up when you do a fourier transform of the TDSE, possible that’s what the subscripts on x and p are.
  • There is one more equation on slide 16/32, but it is too hard to discern. It has a Pi and 8.
  • Both of those are on different lines; I’m not sure they count as part of the same equation

I find it of interest that two of the equations relate EM and two are QM equations. The last one (R^4) is the odd one out. Maybe it relates to the unknown equation?

[4] External links

In-Game Radio Locations

Wiki: http://pugsoft.info/radio


irc://irc.chat-solutions.org/portal (Access from browser: http://wbeuk.mibbit.com/?channel=%23portal&server=irc.chat-solutions.org)

http://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=v-radio (Visit in browser)

[5] New information about SSTV pictures

http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/9044/apollor.jpg — An SSTV scan from the dinosaur audio files held up next to a picture from the flickr of the guy who made Minerva. Guess who Valve’s newest employee is? The guy who made Minerva.

http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/5279/confirmed2.jpg is another.

http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/blogsheep.php?action=articleinfo&id=76 shows both that he now works at Valve and that he likes to send people on ARGs where they search for all the information available in an audio file. This hunt is his doing, guaranteed.


Information above are taken from This Google Wave


OK Part 1 done, On PART 2, we will look at Portal 2 and relate it to some of the things revealed at the march update.


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