Playstation Network Malaysia (South East Asia) Is Restored


While im browsing my twitter feed, this caught my eye.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement over the last few weeks, PlayStation®Network restore in South East Asia Countries tomorrow!

Finally after one whole freaking month, PSN is back!

Tomorrow’s plan is just sit in front of my TV playing PS3 until my eye EXPRODE!

And one more comment, the welcome back program for Malaysia PSN account…
The Last Guy –> exciting game, but i got that d.
Come on, LocoRoco!! BuuBuu Cocoreccho –> just bought few weeks before psn down FML
Trashbox –> quite fun game. also got d…
Hustle King –> Pool? Not my type of game
WipEout HD + Fury Pack –> GOT ALSO FML

which means, i got nothing exciting at all!!! WTF!
I dont quite remember if i have a japanese account registered, will see what i got from there.
But definitely getting the US Infamous. (I also got most of the games d)

No news regarding playstation store yet. So…. no store means no buy things or download new games…

OK after the break is just their Press Release.

Phased restoration of PlayStation®Network and Qriocity™ services also begins in Japan and Asian countries and regions(*1)

Date : 2011-05-27

Malaysia, May 27, 2011 – Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced that Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) will begin a phased restoration of PlayStation®Network and QriocityTM Services*2 in Japan and Asian countries and regions including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand *1 on May 28. A new identity protection program*3 will also be offered in conjunction with the phased restoration for PlayStation®Network and Qriocity™ customers in Japan. 

Increased Security Measures

Working closely with respected outside security firms, the company has implemented new and additional security measures that strengthen safeguards against unauthorized activity, and provide consumers with greater protection of their personal information.

The company has made considerable enhancements to the data security, including updating and adding advanced security technologies, additional software monitoring and penetration and vulnerability testing, and increased levels of encryption and additional firewalls. The company also added a variety of other measures to the network infrastructure including an early-warning system for unusual activity patterns that could signal an attempt to compromise the network.

As an additional measure, a Chief Information Security Officer was created at SNEI who will work to reinforce overall information security across the company’s network infrastructure.

“I’d also like to send my sincere regret to customers in Japan and Asian countries and regions for the inconvenience these events have caused you,” said Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation.  “We are taking aggressive action including increasing security measures and working with respective authorities to address the concerns that were raised by this incident. We are making consumer data protection a full-time, company wide commitment so that our customers can rest assured about enjoying their entertainment.”

The first phase of restored services*4 for Japan and Asian countries and regions will include:

  • Sign-in for PlayStation®Network and Qriocity services, including the resetting of passwords
  • Restoration of online game-play across PlayStation®3 (PS3®) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)
  • ‘Friends’ category on PS3, including Friends List, Chat Functionality, Trophy Comparison, etc
  • PlayStation®Home
  • Access to other network features on services such as torne™ *5

(Customers will not be able to download movies rented through PlayStation®Network video download service because movies have expired as a result of PlayStation®Network service being turned off since April 21 (JST).) * *5

Identify Protection Measures

While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, the company is committed to helping its customers protect their personal data and is continuing to work with several security firms to determine the extent of customer data which may have illegally been taken following the criminal cyber attack on PlayStation®Network and Qriocity™ services in April. Also credit card companies have not reported any increase in the number of fraudulent credit card transactions as a result of the attack, nor have they reported any fraudulent transactions that they believe are a direct result of the illegal attack.

In light of this circumstance, following identity protection measures will be offered to customers in Japan*6.

  • In addition to the existing customer service call center, SCE has established a phone hotline to offer customer guidance on the restoration of services, or measures to protect themselves against identity theft and fraud. (operating hours: 9am to 7pm*7)
  • With the support from credit card companies, SCE will bear the expenses to reissue new credit cards to those customers who request to replace their existing credit cards when it involves charges.

The company will be offering a “Welcome Back” package of services and premium content to all registered customers. The details of this program will be announced in each region shortly. For details on Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, please visit:


  1. Service restoration of PlayStation®Network has not been launched in Korea and Hong Kong, yet. The schedule for itwill be announced as soon as ready.
  2. Qriocity™ services is not available in Asia
  3. Identity theft protection program is not applicable in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
  4. PlayStation®Store is not available in the first phase of service restoration.
  5. torne™ and PlayStation®Netowrk video download services are available only in Japan
  6. This service is available only in Japan. Measures are subject to change depending on the finding from the investigation.
  7. The new hotline is applicable in Japan only.


“Welcome Back” Package for Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

Date : 2011-05-27

To express our deep apologies for the inconvenience caused and gratitude for your patience during the temporary suspension of PlayStation®Network, we are going to present you with a free “Welcome Back” Package.

Contents/Services of “Welcome Back” Package:
All contents and services listed below will be offered to PlayStation®Network members who registered before 21 April, 2011 unless otherwise specified.

Game Contents:
Existing members can enjoy free download of a total of four game titles, including two games for PlayStation®3 and PSP® respectively from the following titles.

PS3™: PSP®:
The Last Guy Everybody’s Stress Buster
Come on, LocoRoco!! BuuBuu Cocoreccho LittleBigPlanet Portable
Trashbox LocoRoco -Midnight Carnival-
Hustle King Modnation Racer PSP
WipEout HD + Fury Pack

Custom Theme
Existing members can enjoy free download of the following theme for PlayStation®3

  • Dokodemo Issyo Spring Theme

Subscription Services:

All existing PlayStation®Network customers will be provided with 30 days free membership in the PlayStation®Plus premium service, available through PlayStation®Store. Current members of PlayStation®Plus will receive 30 days plus 1 day for each day of the outage of free service (automatic extension, details will be announced in due course.).


A special offer will be available for ALL PlayStation®Home users (regardless of account registration date). Details will be announced in due course.


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