Playstation 3 (PS3) Finally Hacked

If you havent heard already, PS3 is finally hacked to play backup games. (we hope its not fake)
The thing looks like its a real deal.
According from my understanding, just a USB drive, it will enable you to backup games (from your PS3 bluray to external hard drive or PS3 hard drive)
REALLY?!? Just a simple USB handle all the dirty job?

Watch the videos below and you decide to believe it or not.

According to their website, the hack work for the latest version of frimware and their OFFICAL SITE for this PS3 hack thing is

Apparently the price point is quite high and im not sure if this is really going to become a big thing. Im sure china guys will reverse engineering the whole thing and make the thing damn cheap after some time 🙂

Its a good news though, lets wait for more detail as the unit shipped out to the public!

(Read more detailed report and analysis blog post here)


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