PC Fair 2008 (II)


Ok, i cant wait a bit long to share with you all what i had bought from the previous PC Fair!

Starting from… i think last year, i wont miss any of the PC Fair held by PIKOM and every visit to PC fair, my wallet will have to suffer, and also I have to suffer for the whole month also! Haha

PC Fair

This time, i went there on Saturday, which in my opinion is the ideal day to go day to go day. This is because of Friday’s stuff will be at the original price, less revised price on most product! (As you know, the ~hot~ item will start turun harga after some time…) Saturday, which most of the product’s price go stable. So, i can get those stuff at reasonable and afforable price. And Sunday, the last day of PC Fair, according to them, some price will be set to the minimum, as they dont want to bring back those stock, BUT those ~hot~ item sure will be sold out!

Unlike last year, which I manage to arrange my time so that i got plenty of time to shop there, this time i only reach there at 3pm, and i need to go back at 6pm, if not, i need to stay at KL, no more bus back to bentong… Before that, i need to attend two tuition class… which is damn tired for me…
Therefore, i didnt bring my camera along, so no photo on that day.

Before that, i do some survey, at lowyat.net, checking out any interesting promotion around….
And I discover that most of them talking about PC.com magazine giving out 160GB portable hard disc…
WOW, i want to get it…
BUT… i reach there at 3pm,sure cant reach the first 100 subscriber, but the 1000th subscriber maybe, then no free hard disc for me… too bad…
According to the forumers, to get the free hard disc, they need to reach ther edamn early and queue for one to two hours to get it… Haiz… What for? Haha

So, i get my ultimate list ready. This time i need to buy a lot of things… And luckily im clever enough! I bring a trolley there which i get last time when i buy printer! Haha… I clever! lolz…

My list:

LCD Monitor 19″ Widescreen [as mine rosak liao… showing all things in yellow…]
Speaker [the lausy one rosak long time ago, so long time cannot enjoy music… too bad]
DVD burner [sot sot liao after burning around 500 pcs of discs]
Sound Card [On board one sot sot also… its time to change]
PCI USB card [im running out of USB port on my computer…]
Printer ink[i will take compatible one… since original one is damn expensive…]

Nothing else, others is just some small stuff which i help my friends to get it…

OK, so, i bring around RM1500 CASH there. (Luckily now im still here, nobody go and rompak me… thanks god!) Why not credit card, as i own one which is prepaid one? Cos there is 2% charge for credit card… quite a lot for me… Haha

As i had not much time, i just walk around very quickly and get those things which i need! Thats all!
And i need to thanks Siew Haw, without him, i dont think i will able to go back to bentong and buy all stuff in time. Need to know why, click read more.

I bring a trolley there, and first hall, Conference hall, not much things there, so i just run through there!
Next will be Banquet hall, where i get my speaker! Actually im choosing between Edifier M3400 and Altec Lansing VS4121, both selling at RM199, which is only a little bit over my budget! And at last, i choose Altec Lansing VS4121 in black colour, since Altec Lansing’s sound is more sharp and clear if compared to Edifier. Cool?

Speaker woofer
Speaker Woofer

Control Panel

After getting my speaker, here is the use of my trolley, so, i put my speaker on my trolley! So “ying” (型) is it!?! Haha

Then i go to Ballroom. Samsung booth! Go Go Go! My monitor!
Before i reach there, I didnt get any price of 19″ wide, but i know 22″ wide is cheap, selling at RM 875 i think…
But still over my budget,so decided to stick to 19″ wide! Haha

Wow, at that hall, damn many people, even my trolley cant go through the crowd. So i use my horn… PON PON… PON PON, so that i can go to Samsung booth successfully! Haha.

Then, get the model i wish: SyncMaster 931BW, the price is very cheap compared to the price i expected, only RM605! Wow, so i buy it without much thinking… Then, i look around… DVD BURNER ONLY RM78?
I want this also! I talk to the promoter! So, i get my Samsung IDE DVD Burner there also!


DVD Burner
Im quite happy with Samsung’s DVD Drive cos i use 3pcs ady, not much big problem, unlike the LiteOn give me many problems… (Haha, my own opinion, some are also quite happy with LiteOn!)

Then, i need to take Lift instead of escalator, many people waiting out there! Im lucky enough! When the time i reach there, got one lift available, so i can go in without much waiting! Haha.

Hall 1 to 5, just buy some small stuff there, and we keep on the side lane, as my trolley is damn big and middle lane is full, and no way i can go there.
So in order to get my stuff, i need to “park” my trolley at a side and i walk inside to look for it!
Very big thanks to Siew Haw, who help me to keep an eye on my trolley when im not around, and too sorry for keep him waiting for so long! Haha!

Storage price go mad! Dirt cheap! 1TB external only cost RM5++.
ONE TERABYTE=1000 GB. If i get one, i can download movies, games,softwares non-stop without need to burn it out! Haha
Flash drive price also drop quite much! Maybe next time PC Fair i will get myself a 1TB MyBook and 8GB pendrive! Haha

This is my 320GB MyBook where i get last PC Fair
Now im able to hide it at the back of my NEW monitor! ~Cheers~

I want to say that, i face difficulties to find some minor stuff at PC Fair, like my Creative 5.1 Sound Card and PCI USB card. I keep finding also cant get, and at last, get it in one booth, the promoter is super sucks. Let me tell you how he work.

Me: Ah, selling Sound Card?
Promoter: Sound Card… [looking on the paper, price list, shouldn’t he know his own booth selling what and dont sell what after working for one and a half whole day?]
Promoter: Eh… GOT! Here.
Me: I want the creative one, can i have a look?
Promoter: OK, wait ha [then he take years to find out where the sound card is…]
Promoter: NAH!
Me: Best price?
Promoter: [Again reading the price list, DAMN IT!] RM59.
Me: Speechless……OK I want this. And how long is the warrenty?
Promoter: Eh, wait ha… [then he dunno go and hide somewhere or go to toilet, take months to find out how long is the warrenty. Actually im asking for fun only, cos i know it is usu 1 year, too bad that he dunno…]
Promoter: One year.
Me: Ah, one more. I want also PCI USB card?
Promoter: 什么来的? (Whats that?) [He ask the promoter next to him] (then he get the reply is 不懂 / dunno)
Me: sweat…. =.=”
Me: Then i point to him, on the price list!
Promoter: OKOK. [then he take years to find out where the card is…] Then he taken out two, as i request to take both of it out!
Me: Whats the diffrence of this two?
Promoter: Eh… Wait ha…[then he dunno go and hide somewhere or go to toilet again, take months to find out whats the diffrent…] This one most motherboard support it and this one dont!
Me: Ok, i want this… And how long is the warrenty?
Promoter: Eh, wait ha… [then he dunno go and hide somewhere or go to toilet again again, take months to find out how long is the warrenty….. WTF, wasting all my time…]
Promoter: 1 year.
Me: OK Fine, deal!

Walau eh! I say: 什么烂店~!请这么多烂promoter, wasting money only. Kick all the promoter out and find me lah! Im sure i can do very very very very very very very very very very much better! Bye bye! And i say to the booth!


One more thing make my time gone is the traffic jam in PC Fair…
HUH? Pc fair got car meh?
How to have traffic jam.???

This traffic jam is caused by the crowd! Make me waste about 20 minutes sucking at Hall 3 there… Too bad

Then the rest of the hall i just running through as im short of time! I need to run to the bus station to ensure my bus havent go off yet! Haha

LRT also full of people, and almost no more place for my trolley, and as usu, i use my mouth as the horn…
HON HON, PIN PIN, PON PON…… as im walking around!
And siew haw say: Walking after you is very good, cos got plenty of space! Haha
Of cos lah! My trolley is so big!

The PC fair day and even the day after that , im very tired, and i have no time to arrange all those stuff and even assemble my hardware. So you can see few days no blog post ady! Haiz…

Now still sleepy. Need to sleep…

More blog post tomorrow…

Do you went to PC Fair? What did you bought? What is your comment about this PC Fair?
Please comment!


10 Responses to PC Fair 2008 (II)

  1. Jackson August 5, 2008 at 10:23 pm #

    seems like a big speaker O.O

    • admin August 5, 2008 at 10:33 pm #

      The sound is nice and sweet! Haha

  2. Jia En Grace August 6, 2008 at 12:05 am #

    Walau e…..
    So fast u went to PC Fair edi…
    I went on Sunday…
    My friend work there o….
    I only bought a pendrive and etc etc….

  3. shinxz August 6, 2008 at 5:41 am #

    why dont buy at Lowyat plaza? same price with hustle-free….

    • admin August 6, 2008 at 6:20 am #

      hehe, cos buy at pc fair is easier and more free gifts… lolz.
      and one stop loh! I know the price after pc fair will be the same but no more free gifts, and many others lah!

  4. curryegg August 7, 2008 at 10:10 am #

    Wow wow wow!
    Your computer so chio le!
    Haha.. The speed must be very fast too?

    • admin August 7, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

      nope… the pc i buy… about 5 years ago…
      its time to change…

  5. boon kheng August 8, 2008 at 11:54 am #

    The promoter just don’t love his job. No difference compared to those hottie giving leaflets.. Well, if he love his job, he should understand the functionality of each product he is selling! Seriously, he should have done his homework.

    I was at the PC fair too. Glad that we can enjoy WiMAX in Malaysia. Another highlight was the UMPC powered by Intel Atom processor.


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