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Before that, some update about my #Maxis10 Desire Z Phone, finally, the phone is mine! Yay, so i will be using the phone as now on, thanks maxis for this opportunity to review the phone and own it!
Hopefully there will be more android related posts on my blog soon.

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RSS is still not dead, and im using it and loving it.
I uses Google Reader to read all the website blog posts, and YOUR blog (leave me a comment about your blog url and i will read them :D)

Just when i got my phone, Google Reader apps is the one im looking for. While im facing some problem locating the apps in the market, (but i get the apk and installed it anyway, read here on how do i get it), im pretty much very satisfied with what Google Reader apps give me.
Until i found this app called Pulse.

Its a beautiful RSS reader, so beautiful that it might replace my Google Reader app in my android.

For every feed you subscribe to, it display it as a row, and for every post, its a tile featuring the pictures in the post. So you can roughly get an idea what that post is about.I love that idea this apps visualize your blog feed for you and make me can read them easily.
You definitely got to try it out.

One more thing about pulse that make me love it so much is the social sharing element where Google Reader Apps lack and i need it a lot.
There is a twitter and facebook icon on the bottom right, you just need one click before the news you are reading is shared to your friends with a shorturl too!

And for those of you like me who already using Google reader to view your feeds, you can easily import them using Pulse.
But one thing that is lack is, Pulse dont have the “Mark all as read” button if im not wrong, which is not too big of a deal.

Definitely try it out!


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