On Android: Alchemy – The Game That Keep Me Awake Till 5AM…

More android review, this time is Android Game.
Actually i installed this game on midnight today, and straight away went addictive and crazy with it. I ended up play the game tlll 5AM.
Now im thinking back, whats so addictive about that game? I dont know, but now im still want to continue playing it.

The idea of the game is dead simple, four basic elements – Fire, Air, Earth and Water. You mix them up and you discover new elements.
Not 30 elements, or 100 elements to be discover,but freaking 360 elements to be discover! Holy molly!
The control of the game is a no brainer, just drag two elements on top of each other, and BOOM, you discover a new element! Yay.

What makes this game so addictive and fun, is not only because there is 360 elements to be discover, but the combination most of the time does make sense and make you laugh.
One of the combination make me LOL is:
Beetle when combine with beetle, guess what you get, The Beatles wtf! LMAO!!!
One more: What about Life + mushroom? I ended up getting 1UP LOL!!!!!!
And a lot of fun combinations make me laugh a lot, and discover new things.
And the best thing of this game is, IT’S FREE!!!! Get it on Android Market, NOW!

One thing about this game is, once you use cheat sheet to play this game, your game play is totally ruin. So dont use cheat sheet at any point of the game. Try yourself by combining elements, try them all, try duplicating each elements and combining them, and sometimes you will get something.
Like Snake + Snake = Egg + Snake + Snake. LOL
Sometimes try to think, try to be creative. And you will be able to discover those elements.

OK, i got to go and discover more elements, till now i had only discovered 88 elements out of 360.



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