OMG DJ Max Technika IS IN MALAYSIA!!! (Genting)

Some of you might know im obsessed by the game DJ Max Portable a lot if you had been following my blog months ago when DJ Max Portable 3 is coming out. And now more shocking news, DJ MAX Technika is now in Malaysia, and a better news, in Genting, which a place thats so near from my hometown (and also from KL), so i can go up anytime and play (only if i got money to do so la)

DJ Max Technika In Genting

I had been asking around if DJ Max Technika is available in malaysia since TWO YEARS AGO in 2008 (
At the time, no news, i dont think many people know this arcade game anyway.
Recently i get a reply on the thread, saying its in Genting. Then i straight away went


I asked around some friends that working on genting, and know what i got today from him?
DJ Max Technika in Genting Picture

(Picture taken by Muhamad Shukor, grabbed from facebook)

And more when i digged the thread again when im going to write this post:

(Picture taken by Muhamad Shukor, grabbed from twitpic)

Im definitely going up and spend the whole day (and money) to play this game.
When? I dont know, since now im totally broke, i dont even have the money to pay for the new game i want to buy Little Big Planet 2 >.< I will wait for my nuffnang, google, and churpchurp money to come, then ang pao money, then hehehehehe..... see you in genting lah! I cant wait till the day i go up and touch the game and enjoy it. Who want to go with me? joshuatly2011

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  1. Djmax Fans March 17, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    only genting got? KL no have?? @@

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