OFF YOUR LIGHT LAH!!! Computer Also!

So… just finish watching “Ememgency Unit” 学警狙击…
Wow. Laughing is BACK.YOYOYO!

So, still one more hour 8.30.
Whats the time now?
If you are reading this, and is before 8.30pm of saturday, its a reminder that you turn off your light, fans, computer, etc that consume electricity. Give our earth one hour.

IF you are reading this, and its between 8.30 ~ 9.30 saturday, PLEASE LAH! OFF YOUR PC RIGHT NOW!
Dont bother to shut down, just off the main switch. Remember, give our earth 1 hour…. 1 hour only!

If you are reading it and the campaign is over, just check around your house, turn off your TV if nobody watching it, turn off FAN if no one around, turn off light if it is bright.
We should always love our earth. Not only @ Earth hour.

Hoping for a brighter future for our child.

Im joining the program. What you plan to do @ that hour?
OR what you did on the hour? Still turning your light on? Hehe…
So mind to share it with me?

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