No Sweat

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Some people sweat a lot.
Some people can MAKE me sweat a lot!

Amazing right!
You know how?
Some of my friends like to talk some cold jokes….. some make me laugh till tak boleh tahan, and some make me sweat.
Like this

sweat drop_1

or like this



So here is a joke for u….

A man spent his life looking for the grave of Mozart. When he finally had done his homework and pinpointed the location, he set out to dig up the grave to see if there were any scores that he may have taken with him, making the man famous. When he finally arrived at the spot and started digging, he noticed a faint light growing brighter the further down he dug. When he finally broke through the soil to where Mozart’s grave was, he was shocked to find the musician erasing pages and pages of music. After a short time the man got up the courage to ask what Mozart was doing to which Mozart replied, "I’m decomposing"

swt instead……

For no swt, use this:


another sweat joke success right! Hahaha so funny.

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