No Mood

No mood for two reasons.

1st is choir thing,
2nd is my family problem

1st is about the choir thing. Im very unhappy with myself, although we get no 2.
To all choir members, im very very very very sorry about the mistake i made today. I know im very wrong to made this mistake, there ARE ways to avoid but i didnt do. SORRY. I know some of you,or even most of you will think that what i do pull your marks down, and i ADMIT, YA, it is. So here i hope you all will accept my apologies! Just now i say many alasan for what i done, but i really too sad about it, and just dont want to let you all know. Im actually quite nervous after that “surprise” happend….. and finally, i do sth very wrong!

I wanted to write a post about the choir but later. No mood today. and wait for my “materials” to come.

2nd is my family are facing one crisis… that is my father have “no job” by now! So he try to sell, actually is planned to wholesales DURIANs and fruits! Anyway there are not same in idea between both my father and mother, discussing all the day, die lah, i also api pun datang!
Different ppl different strategy, 2 also cow, dont want to accept…
Die lah me

No mood ah! Very 烦 ah! Who want to buy durian from me?


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  1. shian June 18, 2008 at 10:58 pm #

    hey guy,
    u know i no need durian

    hope everything go well soon


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