No Joke! 15 Stories Hotel Build In 6 Days

Well, again, if you read the title, sure you know its from china.
Now everything is Made In China 😀 (lame joke)
But you got to see this news.

Board Group (远大集团) build this masterpiece called Ark Hotel in 6 Days, (48 hours they claimed)
They got 200 workers, and called Ikea and ordered some materials, then just build them (like how you install ikea furniture), then they got this 15 stories hotel in 48 hours. (well, not Ikea actually)

See the video for yourself loh…

I think this idea is brilliant. Since all of those materials are pre-manufactured,the construction site produce very little rubbish, and clean, fast, and no workers getting hurt. You can save quite a lot of time.
Hmm. interesting right.

Food for thought.
Although they claimed is Level 9 Earthquake Resistance, but what will happened? You wont know. Since its…
Made In China.



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