News from school…

Few things in this blog post…

1. School’s ponteng rule.


Im very disapointed and also can say angry with school’s ponteng rule…
What is ponteng rule?
That means, you will kena if you ponteng on saturday (or replacement classes) but not in normal school day.
WHY i say like that?

Last saturday (26.7.2008) is school day, replacement for i think Hari Raya de.
Then as usu, every sat we need to go down to KL tuition. So most probably we need to ponteng and go lah!
So on monday, teacher start to marah ady… blah blah blah…
Cannot ponteng on saturday, must have surat, or else keep record in the co-curriculum file…
Haiz. So need to write a letter. And of cos, i write that i already sick loh! If not how woh? Write cos need to go tuition so ponteng ah?
Siao meh? The teacher will stright away mark you as ponteng de. If you write sick, then maybe teacher will only write you as absent but not ponteng.

What rule lah! You know why i want to ponteng on Saturday?
I can give you plenty of reason and here are some…

– Cos tuition we pay for it, school we dont
– Usu saturday’s class is shorter and some teacher even dont bother to teach (again, not teacher tidak ajar, is just kurang ajar... Must state this clearly.)
– Cos i need to ponteng two school days in order to get tuition replacement on saturday’s tuition. So i ask you, do you want me to ponteng one day or two days?
– Usu we all ponteng ady, not much student in class, so good reason for teacher to not teaching.
– We learn more in tuition than in school.
– Cos they didnt tell or inform us earlier (like inform us one month ago, so that arrangement can be made…) But they inform us only within one week. HOW TO ARRANGE YOU TELL ME!?!
– Cos im so poor (in case of MONEY and academic…) that i cannot efford to miss any class since i had already pay for it. Maybe i will thinked to stay back in school, if school helf me to pay for my tuition fees.

Thats nothing so special about ponteng-ing, cos after ponteng, only need to write a letter to inform that im sick on that day… SIMPLE!
I even had already saved the letter in my computer, if i ponteng today, what i need to do is…
Change the date, Change the reason (from sakit to demam,to sakit,to demam…..) And print it out!
And at last is ask parent to sign. Sometimes if i forget to call my parents to sign, i will sign myself. No big deal!

Haiz. Just let those teacher scream lah, if we all dont go to school on saturday!

2. Misunderstanding between Rajin class and me

These days, i can say a little bit sad lah, since the news spread so fast after those words come out from my mouth. I need to tell you all, actually im not very sampat 三八 one… but still got a little bit lah!
Somethings happend in Rajin class, and according to what i know, is 50% because of ME. I had to say, i never think of these kind of things will happend. I need to say sorry to them, for those who hurt in this misunderstanding.

I think i should make it clear that, im not the one who started this topic or start to sebar all the cerita (dongeng). In Alpha class, yes i admit, i tell them one, but as i know some of them already know this before me! As usu im the last one who get know to everything… and everything i know is from someone else. I never create something and sebar and talk bad things behind ppl’s back purposely (of cos i need to admit sometimes accidentally i talk about bad things behind ppl’s back lah), cos im not that type of person!

So from what i know is, what i heard of is from someone else, and he get the news from someone two else, then they got from somethree else, which get the news from somefour else, from somefive else……. Never ending stories. The conclusion is,
What i tell them is not because of i want to tell them.
They ask me so i tell them.
And i DO NOT create any content (and those created content is also marked with spoiler when i tell you all)
I get this news from some other else…
So dont blame me and start finding who is the 1st one spreading the news.

Anyway, when i write this, not means that i say that i dont do anything wrong!
I ADMIT, i do something which cause the major problem of this case. SO again i need to apologize to her and tell her i dont do this purposely, and i will never want this things to happend.

So, the lesson i learnt is, dont be too sampat, when they ask something, if you know, tell them you dont know, if you dont know, tell them you dont know also. So news wont spread from your mouth and you wont be a part in this stupid long drama… (and become the antagonist) … too bad.
And dont speak things too loud, or else you will be ended up like me, generated many enemies which i dont want to do so… ( I want everyone to be my friend, not enemy)

I hope this case can be closed soon, and i hope everyone would understand and accept my appology. Lets be friends again OK? I never want to hurt anyone. So sorry.

p/s: If anyone of you (Rajin class or her classmates/best friends) had read this, please spread the news to her and tell her im so sorry and just that 无心伤害 ok, please accept my appology!



8 Responses to News from school…

  1. shian July 29, 2008 at 10:20 pm #

    “So, the lesson i learnt is, do be too sampat, ”
    i think should be “dont be”,isnt it?

    i dun know what happen
    but seem its not a good thing
    juz wish u good luck
    at least u got a good lesson
    next time u will not be 38 again

    • admin July 30, 2008 at 4:46 pm #

      thanks for letting me know my typing error…
      haha, i also dunno how and when this things can end!

  2. kamuko July 31, 2008 at 4:54 pm #

    i oso very angry with tis school’s ponteng rule…
    i know de school much hav de is good….but…school much oso thing wan happening wif us… problem is we olidy bought de ‘bus tiket’…..then u say wan 2 school at saturday…then how…..????????????easy la….u say wan 2 school saturday…..wan 2 school saturday….wan 2 school saturday…..wan 2 school saturday!!!!!
    i know saturday wan 2 school is all school around M’sia….but school much tell us as fast as…..can!!!not tell us b4 three day or one day………
    then how wif my bus tiket…u thing my money is not money ah…..”SCHOOL…U TELL ME HOW LA….”
    sory la if i hav use de wrong word,because my language is not any good…..

    • admin July 31, 2008 at 5:50 pm #

      lolz… this sometimes really apply usu for those who live very far apart.
      Usu sat no school bus, so they have to pay extra to come to school…
      anyway, this all is 心态的问题
      why we will have this kind of 心态,抱着去学校是浪费时间的心态?
      is because of those rubbish teacher kurang ajar loh!

  3. k.m.k July 31, 2008 at 5:02 pm #

    nothing can say….school rule ma!!!

    • onn July 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm #

      haha…i agree…

  4. Jia En Grace July 31, 2008 at 10:52 pm #

    Pity to those who got tuition at KL….
    School ponteng rules….
    Haiz…..every seconds..every minutes…every hours…every TIME……OSO THE SAME…..
    No doubt if any of the form sixes ponteng bcoz of tuition….
    Tuition or other classes are very difficult to replace….
    I still got 3 hours of piano classes to replace but i can’t make it….

    38 ??? 38 ??? 38 ????
    Hope that u had learnt a lesson….
    As u say, anybody make comments or gossips..jz pretend tat u dunno anything…..
    It will b mush more safer rather than getting more complicated……
    Anyway, always be urself….

    • admin August 1, 2008 at 3:00 pm #

      sometimes, i dont think im so 38 one… Haha
      but dunno…
      somehow my name is so easy to remember…
      or i talked too loudly…
      bring me this trouble…
      too bad!

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