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About a month ago, YTL Communication brought a bunch of us for a trip to Penang, I didnt do much post after the trip, however i did one on the first day of the event. You can read it here.
So what we do on the trip is, they will drive us to Penang using the North South highway, and we eat and test out YES4G along the way.

This post will mention abit on the trip, and since its almost a month ago already, i think i will blog about things you all want to know, How YES4G Change My Life?

The Trip & North-South Highway Coverage of YES4G

Its my first time to Penang, and im enjoy the trip very much since there the gang is super siao and crazy one. 😛
Along the North South Highway, we do enjoy YES4G along the way. But there is some major flaw with YES4G itself. The coverage is very spotty along the way. We watch our Huddle (Yes, we are given a YES Huddle with RM150 credit in it) signal light colour change along the way, from GREEN (means good signal, and = fast) to YELLOW (means okok signal loh) to RED (means poor signal & slow) to sometimes even BLINKING RED (means no signal at all >.<). We conclude that its like a traffic light, RED YELLOW and GREEN. When you see RED, there is a chance that your web page wont even load. So... Hmm... Hope YES 4G YTL Communication will work on the coverage. There is some part of the journey where we have no signal coverage at all, and according to Wing Lee, the man that running YTL Communication, their cell towers are vandalized... Hmm... hope they will fix that asap lah. Talking about coverage on the highway, i do test the YES4G along the KARAK Highway when im going back to Bentong from KL. There are quite good signal along the way which i can watch Youtube using my phone without having to wait and load the video most of the time, but until 2 to 3 KM before the Genting Tunnel, the signal is gone and never come back till i reach Bentong. Hmm. quite sad right! And from what i read from their Coverage Map, thats true also. So far i find the coverage map did explain which place is covered and which place dont pretty well. So if you want to find out which place has YES4G signal, do check it out before you subscribe.

What i can say from the YES4G testing on the road, there is connection but its still quite spotty. Even though you have a super fast connection, while your connection is not stable, where you get disconnected at some point, i dont think it has much point or much use if its like this. And hopefully YES4G will improve this by putting more cell tower especially in those blind spot.

YES4G, My Wireless Broadband

YES4G @ My Hostel

Other than on the road, you must want to know how it perform on the ground right?! I dont think anyone subscribe YES4G just because they want to travel and have internet connection. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know i always complain about my hostel’s internet connection, and i still do.
Some of my friends ask me, WHY? I though you have YES4G d and will solve your problem?
Apparently No. The day when im back from Penang, im very hopeful that YES4G will solve my hostel’s internet connection problem, but when i reach my hostel, THERE IS NO CONNECTION HERE!!! When i check the coverage map, yes, my apartment is not covered.
And from what i know is, if you stay at highrise, there is a high chance that you wont get any connection or if there is connection, it will be a weak one.

YES4G @ My College

Yea, my college also has a very bad internet connection, so i hope YES4G will also improve my “life” there. And, after weeks of using YES4G in my college, what i found is the coverage in the building is not that good. From what i understand is, the technology itself they use doesnt have a good wall-penetration. In order to enjoy YES4G in a building, they must come and wire up the whole building.
In TPM (Apiit UCTI and Enterprise 3), i face the problem some of the classroom will get a yellow or red colour signal, and its still usable, at some room i cannot get an connection to YES4G.

I believe the same apply to all those buildings or shopping malls out there. You will not get a good connection inside any building unless YES4G come and do something to the building.


At some place, like Bangsar, or near Lot 10, the coverage of YES4G there is super good. I can easily get 8-12 mbps speed test result from places that has good coverage. And as i had said, places like that is still not everywhere. But its fair to say YES4G team did a good job at covering most of the KL and Klang area provided they are still young, not even one year into business. Lets hope they will work on improving the coverage, and also please come to my hostel and cover my college :P.

So conclusion, as long as you not moving, and sit near the windows, or stay at the place which it has superior coverage, YES4G can be as good as unifi!

YES4G Hardware

The Huddle

Yes, now i has a Huddle! I had enjoyed it so far, and the battery life of the Huddle is quite good, i can has 4-5 hours of internet with the Huddle without pulling out my battery pack and charge it.
It can connect 5 devices at the time. It has been quite handy since i usually will have my notebook connected to it, 1 or 2 smartphones, and some of my friends can use it too.
I think the device is capable of handling more than 5 devices at a time, since the CLEAR 4G iSpot which is the completely same device except having different frimware, can support up to 8 devices at a time. Hmm…
Then more of my friend can use my connection when im at class.

I didnt have change to play with other devices extensively, but here are some of my comment:
The BUZZ, the phone, dumb phone, is erm, not my taste loh! I wont want to carry the phone around just to use YES4G.
The ZOOM, the home wifi router. The perfect case if you want to use your YES4G at your home. Using ZOOM, you will get better signal if compared to even Huddle or other devices. From what i discover is, when we have the trip to Penang, for us who are using the Huddle may yell “OMG NO CONNECTION” while the other van which has ZOOM equipped has no problem at all.
So, if you are using Huddle and have weak signal at your house, try using ZOOM and maybe you will have a better connection!

YES4G Software

Yes Life
one line comment: i hope yes life can exist on every platform: macs and linux too and hopefully mobile too.
Oh for those who are working for YES and are reading this, one of my friend wants to built a mobile apps for YES4G, so that people can still call, send sms using their iPhone/Android/Windows Phone 7 through the apps using the YES4G network. Since i discover it is possible to send SMS on YES Life even though im on wifi, NOT YES4G WiFi. So… it will be a very good idea. Please forward this message to Wing, and hopefully can see a YES Life client on all major mobile platform soon lah!

YES4G Portal

The most painful part of using YES4G is the portal itself. The portal often load slowly, and the stats are updated once a day. I find this ridiculous, the user need to monitor the usage themself, and will find out OH SHIT they downloaded 10GB of stuff on the next day…


If your area is covered, and you want to subscribe to YES4G, then go ahead.
There is still space for YES4G to improve, especially the coverage part.
Generally im satisfied with the performance of YES4G (only when they has coverage)
Hope more buildings will have good YES4G coverage soon.
Speaking of price of the service… watch how much you use loh 😛 But you will get addicted real fast.
I almost used up the RM150 in less than a month @.@
If you really need data on the go, especially on highway, please be warned there is spotty coverage along the road.

FINALLY! I done my YES4G post!

I will be continue using my account and hopefully wont cause my (or my parents’) pocket to have big big holes lah!


DISCLAIMER: They gave me the huddle and RM150 credit into my account for the Penang Trip. They didnt ask me to write this post, and i didnt get paid for writing this post. I wrote everything i know and i dont bother to do fact checking since im not paid to do this and i write this only for fun and if you like to read, you read, if you dont, BLAH! If you want to correct something or ask something, do leave those stuff in the comment. If im in good mood, i will reply or maybe do some fact check and correct the post. 😛

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