My Favourite PC Game All Time

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Other than Olympic that is running currently, there are also an event coming on this Saturday!
Instead of playing Sports Games, this time we play COMPUTER GAMES!

Wow! AGAIN! World Cyber Games (WCG) Is COMING SOON!
This competition will be held on 15-17 August at Mid Valley!
As usual, Samsung will take their role as the Worldwide Sponsor since this event started!
And this year, Nuffnang also take part in it!
Activities that Nuffnang and Samsung with WCG prepared for fellow nuffnangers included:
Counter Strike Game, and also blog post contest!
Interesting right!

So in this post i will write about my n00b gaming experience!
Well, im not going to participate in WCG competition because of the following reasons…
Im not a hardcore games… Going there also waste my time and their human resources!
Afterward kena marah from my teammate (If playing CS or team game)
I seldom play Computer Games…

But, i DO play computer game, and games i play from last year till now including… SDO, O2JAM, Gunz, Counter Strike, TrackMania, and many others…
But most of them i stop playing ady, esp online game. Im lazy to train and play for only get level up…

I play game for what? FOR FUN!

So, the game i had never stop playing, and definitely become my favorite PC Game all time is:
Counter Strike!

Recently i had addicted with CS1.6, before that i used to play CSCZ cos it comes with bot, no need to install additional software or plugin, but since few weeks ago i switched to CS1.6!

Haha, and recently get my new monitor, WIDESCREEN woh woh! So, more fun when playing CS in widescreen mode!


Why CS, not other game?
Cos, CS’s system requirement is not high, suitable for me, this kind of old PC, running well under P4 condition! Haha.
Then got various map, various “method” to play!
Let me tell you after this!


Well, as i say, im not a hardcore gamers, i will spend most of my time blogging but not gaming or CS-ing.
So, when will i play games? And also HOW i play and have fun with CS.

Last time when im waiting for my SPM result, im working in one hand phone shop. So, the job is damn “xien” (boring), so i play CS everyday, play CS very hour….
Other than serving customers, i spend most of my time playing CS at the place where i work…
Got one time play until my boss call to my shop and ask me why im playing CS, cos they saw it via the CCTV network… lolz.

When im angry, i will play CS.
I play to release stress…
How to release stress???
IF in regular play, after i shot an enemy, then i will be very happy…. Haha, same also if i win the game!
Then if i keep losing only, or win without shooting down an enemy, what will i do?
I will shot my own team mate cos they are those who cause me to lose.
I even shot down hostages in CS map! Haha


Sometimes i got nothing to do, then i will download those maps from the internet and play new map, discover new things…
I usu download maps from the following website below.

And i also play online, but im not playing on regular or stream server, im playing using vLan.
Playing on vLan, mostly you will be playing with Hong Kong server. And sometimes you will discover some map that you will never think of. Some strange map, strange strategy…
Many fun from there!
And also playing with real player is definitely more fun than playing with bot
Want to know more, you can go to their website at:

Recently, i also addicted to AIM map. A little bit trainning on aiming lah. But i want to say is, you aim bot with aim real player really different. Haha, so prefer to play LAN or Online…

Also some crazy type of playing.
When i hate someone, i will put the bot’s name prefix with that person name, and keep shooting down that people only! Then i will feel more comfortable… haha, cos he/she died so many times…
but i also dont usu hate ppl one… All are friends! lolz.

My friend also invent this type of playing:
Assign all bot to the opposite team, then all use either shortgun/knife!
Put bot number to max, then you buy any gun lah!
Som how like shooting zombie… Haha, sometime you will die cos of a gang of bot coming to you, even will kill you with only knife…

And also sometimes playing, with only knife, shortgun or a spesific weapon!
Quite fun also!

Tell you lah, i will go a bit crazy or so sot when i play games, sometimes i will shout here, shout there, and do some terrible face or reaction…
So if i go to cyber cafe to play, people will sure keep looking at me… Haha


Very hodoh right! Probably you want to vomit now ady!
But why i still put it up?


Having fun?
Mind to share your gaming experience?


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  1. Robb August 14, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    damn good facial expression! lol

  2. corallinkz August 17, 2008 at 5:16 pm #


    love the face exprssion

    you really get into it

  3. sridhar.s September 2, 2008 at 5:54 pm #


  4. ameng January 27, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    u face like motherfucker.. he3

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