My Dream Destination

My Dream Destination is….. Bentong, My Home….
No lah just kidding. but i really miss bentong a lot lately and you can know that from my twitter (or facebook)
Oh ya, by the way, there are some interesting features coming to my blog, but now i got no time to do them….
I REALLY CANT WAIT TILL END OF NEXT MONTH! Then i will have more time to revamp my blog as promised.

OK. This blog post is sponsored by Nuffnang, Project Alpha and Mas.
Thanks. So you can enjoy my crap below. (No there are no crap below.)

My Dream Destination…….
Actually recently im kinda wish i can visit europe.
Like Rome, Italy etc etc…..
Because i think those places will be interesting!

And i hope one day i can go NYC also! visit the Times Square there (not the malaysia shopping complex XD)

I wish i wish i wish….. (I hope i got money and go visit around Malaysia first lah)

But anyway, for those who are rich enough to travel around the country/world, try out this:

You can view whats exciting promo there and also plan your trip!

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