My 20th birthday…

On that day was my birthday!
2009.08.31, my 20th birthday!

Im so quite happy on that day night since many people wishes me.
You can check my previous post for a whole bunch of list (Im sure i missed someone’s name and those who didnt wish me directly or just wish me in their heart, i recieved them! LOL)

Actually nothing much special for this year, although im in bentong, but most of my buddy are not.
They are all busy studying at all around Malaysia. But im sure they all remember me, and my birthday! Wakaka
For those who “accidentally” forget, knock your head once NOW!
For those who dont know whats happening…….. i got nothing to say. Wakaka

Two hours before my birthday, my best buddy called me, siew pao and pui san. They wished me happy birthday (but too early) and we chat a bit via phone.
So happy!

And two minutes before my birthday, my LaLa aka Timothy aka CBoy, called me!
From where? Dataran merdeka if im not wrong (Where they are having the count down event)
And he count down with me and be the 1st one who wish me happy birthday for that day!
Wakaka, so happy!
He was one of them who perform on the merdeka day morning! But unfortunately, cos i slept too late on that night, i missed the 45 minutes event on TV, event his sister shasha also didnt manage to wake up and “support” him =.=
Dont be sad har, next time lah! Hehehe

And soon enough, Wei Teng send her wishes to me via MSN!
Wow, so in time!
Then is Jie Hui be the 1st one who SMS me and wish me.
Haha, she tot she will be the 1st but too bad, lala took that.
she said that she are following the tv countdown. So jie hui, blame DiGi for the few seconds delay, blame RTM cos that maybe a few sec delay, or else you can be the 1st! Hehehe!

My brother, which is in my mom’s room, go pick up his phone and called me and wish me…
he got nothing better to do!

And after that, a lot smsed me, facebooked me, and also msned me and wish me!
So happy!

Any celebration? Nope.
Since no one did that for me.
Do you achieved any item of your wish list?
Nope, except the last one which is your SMS or wishes lah!
BUT, i buy myself my fav chocolate and share with my family members!

Nothing special for this year, and i went back home for a few days, actually did nothing other than facebook and play games, burning some downloaded stuff out (Until my dvd burner also sot sot liao)…
I was told to finish my assignment during the holiday but so sad, im too lazy to touch that. ended up did nothing!

And sadly, no cake since the cake is a lie! Wakaka

But special thanks to my parents who give birth to me and take care of me till today,
and thanks God who always with me and support me on every step i take
and thanks my brother who allow me to bully him a lot! Wakaka
and thanks my friends who wanted to celebrate with me but i know you all cant cos u r not in bentong…
and thanks everyone who wishes me.

Too bad i was expecting someone’s (More that one actually) wishes but seems they dont care that much about me.

nevermind. i will live for God on my 20 years old onwards! I want a life with God’s purpose!
This was my wish for this year!


p/s: BEST WISHES I GET is from Shukor: He wished me “May u be able to keep on downloading pirated movies, anime, files & softwares online with a faster speed.” LOL I really liked it!
pp/s: I got Notty who thanked me for the merdeka public holiday joshua’s birthday special holiday!

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