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Review of three movies: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Inception, and Despicable Me.

OK For past week(s), i had watched quite a number of movies, by quite a number means THREE.
You would probably say “meh, three only mah“, but its a lot for me, i got no more money in my pocket now… XD
Last friday, watched TSA, Inception
Today (Wed), watched Despicable Me

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Hmm… This movie doesnt get my interest at all but since I watched it with my friends, so I guess thats why i watch that movie.
I was not expecting much at all from the movie but surprisingly, its not that bad overall (at the front part).
The first half of the movie i enjoyed it pretty much, i LOL a lot of times, and some really good joke.
But….. when reaching the second half of the movie…. the movie become like dragonball x.x which not that type i like at all…..
Totally predictable, totally lame and zzzzzzz
This movie are those 3 years old kid also can understand that type of movie. I was very sleepy before going in but luckily the movie are good enough to keep me from sleeping in the cinema, wasting my 9 bucks…
If you got time, watch it when the DVD or bluray is out.

My rating for the movie: 6.0/10

Second one is the MUST WATCH MOVIE OF THE YEAR…..
Which will F**K YOUR MIND UP!
Yea, its Inception.

I watch this movie straight after i watch Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Its was like back to back, no rest at all (but got time to pee lah :P)
And remember i said i was pretty tired on that day (actually is because i woke up on 6am to play PS3 before heading down to KL, yea, i was addicted to PS3 games – Burnout Paradise)
while watching this movie, i even cant turn my eye off the screen, for 2 1/2 hours. Damn intense. Probably you already heard about this, *conspiracy theory here…. * i think they purposely make the movie damn complicated till people will need to watch multiple times (in cinema probably) to understand it more (you’ll never fully understand that movie BTW)…. to boost their box office, and DVD/Bluray sales later….
I’ll say, they really did it. I’ll sure watch it (when there is a fair quality version on my private tracker, No CAM or TS LOL)
The movie is GOOD, its open ended, it let you think a lot.
Thats why im 4x super tired after finish watching that movie….. and ended up quickly go and grab a coffee before i went into coffin *ahem, lame joke*
Yeah, its good, i cant made any conclusion since everyone have their own interpretation.
BTW check this out:
Dissecting ‘Inception’: Six Interpretations and Five Plot Holes

My rating for the movie: 9/10
I <3 it. CHECK THIS MOVIE OUT ON CINEMA! Its super hot now! Book your ticket early. Third movie, i just finish watching Despicable Me. The super crazy movie.

You know my brother was so obsessed with that movie (even before he watch that movie in cinema, he play those stupid clips 10x in a day) like this one:

He can even react the whole thing, remember every single line word and expression in front of me 3x a day LOL
But i must say, super great movie, warm hearted movie, bring your kids (if you have any) and i can assure that whole family will be able to enjoy it….
Those stupid crazy Minions make me LOL most of the time.
I must say the director is very successful that even those Minions speak some language that human doesnt understand, but most of the time those minions make me (and the audiences) laugh like mad. Hahaha…
And i really enjoy their youtube clips a lot (link to their channel)
And actually there are a lot of fun trivia in the movie, if you cannot catch them all, find it at imdb. Hehe

Lastly, 3D or no 3D. I have no idea. I watch the non-3D one, since for me 3D was an experience, once in a while is enough. But i think the 3D will be great!

I just watched more Despicable Me Clip on youtube, and i feel that there are some footages that i didnt get when i watched just now…. Im sure some part of the movie is cut out or dunno!??
HOW CAN IT BE!!!????
**update ended**

My rating for the movie: 8.5/10
Ya, watch it in the cinema, dont walk away so fast after the movie since the credit got something very funny LOL

OK thats my review for these three movies.
I wont catch any of these films in the cinema: Salt, The last air bender
since i dont have money and dont think it’ll be that interesting for me. 🙂

What movies had you watched recently?
Mind to share in the comment below?



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