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Haha, now olympic time, so talk about Olympic… Lets talk about Crap!

Back to the opening ceremony, sad lah, i miss the front part.
I miss it cos of few reasons:
One is because the RTM dunno how to read time. People start at 8 they show at 8.30
Then because of that, i try online streaming… Dunno what problem, (connection or PC problem) The webpage keep showing updating plugin… and made me go mad. When the time i on my TV, it is already 8.45. Damn it! Miss again!
After that is i take some time to have my bath before i can sit down and enjoy the wonderful show!

What to do? No money no ASTRO, No ASTRO no live show, Streamyx makes me SCREAM…
So i decided to Download it.
Then i got problem.

Problem 1:
I want to search for a good CCTV TV Rip. But damn hard to get it, since China there they dont allow and person in charge keep take their action until XunLei pun Kena
So most of them also scare so kind of hard to find.
But i manage to get various version include CCTV, TVBNOW, and other English like NBC hdtv rip…

Problem 2:
Damn, i need to spend a lot of time to arrange my files, uninstall, move files to my external hard disc…
And this cost me a lot of time… Haiz…

But now these two problem solved already, i ust need time to on my PC and download all those things!
I think should be able to finish be this week, so can watch again probably weekend! Haha

And, just now reading google’s news, one interesting one is regarding the Footstep Fireworks.
If you all got watch sure remember is it. but the bad thing is i miss that part.
So what gossip, actually is not gossip, it is NEWS…
Is regarding faked footprints of fire coverage in Olympics opening ceremony!
WOW, Shocked ME!!!

According to the news, the front part of the fireworks is actually CG, means computer generated film or graphic, just that nobody actually realise at that time. And their reason is because of those action is impossible to film at the real time cause of too dangerous…
Anyway, you can read the news here:

UPDATE: Olympic organizers admit : Some opening ceremony fireworks pre-recorded

UPDATE UPDATE: Olympic opening uses girl’s voice, not face

(Little girl singing also can cheat. What China cannot do? Good things can do, Bad things also the same! I fed up lah!)

Another Crap is about Google Home Page Logo.
Since 8-8-2008, Google had started to change their logo from normal one to Olympic one!
Everyday got a diffrent logo.
Lets see:
On 080808:
olympics08_opening - Google.gif
WOW, Beautiful!

Hm… Goat cycling… Creative!

Wow, the mouse is damn strong!

Oh… 笨猪跳 (bungee jump)
My friend started to say…
EH, Tak halal!
I say, nevermind mah!

1st sight’s impression…
WHAT, a pig dancing?????

After some time only realise, oh i think it is a cow… but a cow dancing?
Not a really good idea right… lolz…

UPDATE: 130808

Monkey come this time! Haha

Well, still waiting for tomorrow’s logo…
Haha, seems like addicted!

And one more, before i manage to finish download the opening ceremony video, i cant wait to watch it… So i went to YouTube Olympic Page! Plenty of good videos there! And i enjoy for a few hours!

So, how about you! If you have astro, do you stick your eyes in front of the TV from morning till night?
OR 24 hours?

Haha, share yours crap here!


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6 Responses to More Olympic Crap

  1. How to earn money from the Internet August 12, 2008 at 10:45 pm #

    Google Olympic animals are Chinese zodiac animals

    • admin August 12, 2008 at 10:55 pm #

      i also think so! Haha, want to collect all!

  2. How to earn money from the Internet August 13, 2008 at 4:11 pm #

    The monkey is out already

  3. boon kheng August 14, 2008 at 8:59 pm #

    The Chinese authorities are having a fast and efficient crackdown on opening ceremony videos uploaded in major video sharing sites. But the good news is the opening ceremony will be sold in dvds!

    • admin August 14, 2008 at 11:58 pm #

      i had finish downloaded it( TVB version)
      And now downloading in english and of cos HD one! Haha
      im waiting for the dvd rip also, dunno got any special features inculded!


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