Missed the book fair… Going to PC fair

Still in exam period. But currently im not in the exam mood.
Cos i dont study much, everyday also playing with my PSP…..

And, im not able to go to the book fair (第十届【书香】国际中文书展) in mines due to im still having exam.
And too bad it ends before i finish my exam.
So sad.


So, whats coming out next…
Still waiting for my exam to over, after that got a lot of things or “big project” to do…
School Choir Photo DVD 2008
Pc Fair… (+ lowyat.net blogger gathering there…WOW~ Interesting!)
Make my edu.joshuatly.com online again
Download things
Burn DVD
Learn about C, HTML, CSS, Photoshop…..
Watch movies/drama everyday…

and maybe find a job in bentong and continue my piano lesson (If i got enough money…) 

Haiz… i hope i can finish my exam in 2 more days… since i also dunno how to answer those papers… for what wasting my time???

Anyway, still a long way to go.
I still have much time to study and probably and hopefully can pass all subject and get into the local U lah.

So, bye bye now.
Go and study play psp… 


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  1. jian aka miao November 20, 2008 at 7:31 pm #

    too bad the patapon 2 havent out.. if not we can lan at the PC fair

  2. jeremy November 21, 2008 at 6:52 am #

    let us learn together — glorify God with our studies.


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