Milo WILL blow your mind away!

Milo WILL blow your mind away!
Reading the title, maybe you are thinking of one of the drink called milo (popular in malaysia LOL) BUT THATS NOT WHAT I WANT TO SAY!

Heard about Milo?
The drink?
No lah, A Boy named Milo.
Is the boy lost?
No lah, the boy is AWESOME!
That will blown your mind away!

Milo is a boy
You stated that earlier.
Sorry, He is an AI (Artificial Intelligent), means he is a piece of software…
Must be a lausy one LOL
No! You can talk to him, you can pass things to him, you can become his mentor!
etc etc…
BTW its using Microsoft Kinnect with XBOX360

Wait wait wait, you MUST watch this awesome thing!

(Download the video)

Awesome right!
So basically Milo is a mind that keep on evolving, and eventually it will be intelligent enough and figure out how to KILL ALL HUMAN MANKIND!!!!
This is how all AI science fiction ends, the robot will rise and kill human. And ROBOTS and AI will rule the world!!!

Hahaha. What do you think?


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