miao’s blog…

recently i had discover a super super interesting and cute blog!
thats… Miao~

Haha. i know this blog via lowyat.net forum. And i like this blog very much because of its cute graphic.
He did this all by himself! 100% original…

esp, i like his MOVE IT MIAO~!
move it miao 

Super cute right!
So faster go to his blog and have a look. Im sure you will like it a lot!

Miao Miao Miao~~~ 



Recently im super busy with my exam… at first i decided not to blog for a month… but at last… also cannot tahan and blog to share some interesting stuff with you all…
OH. i still have my choir post pending…
Pictures still in the process of editing (actually i had leave it there for few weeks already…)
And too bad to tell you all, i had addicted to DJMax during this exam time… everyday i must have few hours playing with my PSP or play DJMax Offline on my PC…
OH NO!!! How am i going to pass my exam?

Maybe playing games  can help me to release stress…..
(eh, you got stress one meh?) my friend asked. 


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  1. jian aka miao November 13, 2008 at 11:37 pm #

    woah!!! Thanks for the review joshuatly~~~ ^^

    • joshuatly November 14, 2008 at 12:16 am #

      Welcome! Your blog is too interesting until i must share with the others! haha!


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