MeiHwei and WeiTeng’s Bday Celebration

OK! Its time to celebrate!
Celebrate what? MY HOLIDAY STARTED!
Means i can spend more time on writing my blog! Haha (hopefully you like that!)

OK, this is the main post about the bday celebration with my two dear friends!

MeiHwei’s bday which fall on 27 Oct
We went to KFC and celebrate!
Picture time!

27112009307 copy

吹了蛋糕切蛋糕。I got no idea why some of my friends say 吹蛋糕(which means blow the cake) instead of blow the candle =.= Nvm!

27112009310 copy 27112009312 copy

Group photo of guys and gals with bday gal! (excuse the WeiTeng in the guy’s group photo… )

DSC00911 copy

And i take a photo with her before we left!
Happy night with friends!

Another happy night is on 30 Oct 2009, WeiTeng’s Birthday! But not many was in bentong since its Monday and some of them went back to their Uni already! (Im having my study week that time, erm i spend days of my study week :wisely” which is play computer and yamcha yamcha yamcha)

30112009317 copy

WeiTeng and her cake! She is officially 2 years old from now on!


30112009319 copy

Pui San and Wei Teng

30112009321 copy 

Gal’s group photo

30112009324 copy

PuiSan WeiTeng CheeKeen

30112009325 copy 

Jane and Teng

30112009326 copy 

Cheekeen and WeiTeng

30112009327 copy

Me and Waiting……

30112009328 copy 

Hoh Yean and Teng

30112009329 copy 

Helen Lao Shi and Wei Teng

Photo time finish, its time to eat the cake…
Wait a minute, should say PLAY WITH THE CAKE! OMG

30112009332 copy 

Want to eat the cake liddat meh? Table manners leh?

30112009333 copy 

Ended up like this…. Wakaka

30112009335 copy 


30112009336 copy 

Tak cukup lagi kah!

30112009337 copy 

I told u…

30112009338 copy 

OK, can cut the cake liao!
And the war started…. between Jane PuiSan and WeiTeng.
Im so glad i didnt take part in the war!
Cos it will ended up like this:

30112009339 copy 

OMG Hahaha

30112009341 copy

And PuiSan’s wallet get redecorate!

But that day the celebration/war ended a little bit early. But its good also, since Helen got to work and study at the same time, i can have more time with my family!

OK. Thats all for today!


p/s: They are having yamcha again tonight, but so so so sad i just finished my exam and still stucked at KL here Haha…

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