OK why no new posts?
(Although many times i suppose to write some posts, and i hinted on twitter…)

Let me tell you why…
Im busy with my project… (obviously not the main reason)
Im busy playing with my PS3… (too obvious this is the main reason)
Im busy makaning bentong’s nice food…. (ya so true)
Im lazy (everyone knew this)

Then let me tell you why i write this post now….

I spent 8 hours downloading this game (3.3 GB) thanks to my streamyx
(Burnout Paradise, the game i always wanted to play)
It took half an hour to install… zzzzzzz
Then when im too excited and wanted to play, the game prompt me to update…
and as shown on the picture, the update already run for 1 hour. only 7 %
DIE LAH! Tomorrow i go back KL already, no need to play jor loh!!!

Gone already….. my holiday gone….
i still havent play enough….
my ps3 is still brand new…..
i still havent finish my project yet….
I’ll be starting new sem next week (actually im quite excited about it)
so…. hopefully will blog more then.


p/s: when the time i click publish, the progress still stucked at 8%
RIP my gaming time…..

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