#Maxis10: Why Android? Why not iPhone?

When im in market for a new smartphone, i knew i wanted to get an android phone. Not iPhone, not Symbian anymore, and not some Bada or some shit out there. Many of my friend had asked me so many time, WHY not iPhone?

Here are my reasons:
1. I knew i wanted a physical QWERTY keyboard.
Although Symbian do have quite a number of nice phone with QWERTY keyboard, but i had been with Symbian long enough, erm, and i dont see a future with Symbian. And now…. symbian is dead. Wahaha. And iPhone, i dont really have the freedom to choose the phone. Everyone is using the same phone, same model. I can only choose to get the latest version of the phone, or an older one.
Android phone is all over market, many many manufacture, many many different form factor.
The first Android phone im very into it is Droid, aka Motorola Milestone. But that time i dont really need or want to buy a new phone. Luckily i got the HTC Desire Z which im super satisfied with it. The keyboard, i love it, the size and hardware, i liked it.
So many so many things shown that my reason to choose Android and in fact choosing HTC Desire Z is super correct 😛

2. Android is open.
Comparing with iOS, i prefer android for its openness. Not like iOS which you are forced into the iTunes and apple ecosystem, android is so open that till now i still dont install any specific Android client on my PC yet. All i use when i plug in my HTC Desire Z via USB, is mass storage. Just throw everything in! Done.

But not to say i dont like apple’s ecosystem, i still liked it very much and in fact im getting an iPod Touch next month i think just because i think iTunes had too many podcasts and collections which i cant easily sync it into my phone… So, im getting an iPod Touch. (Erm, anyone got a 4th gen device to sell, contact me :P)

3. Android + Google = WIN!
I uses Google service a lot. I uses GMail as my primary email account, i uses Google Reader as my primary RSS reader, i uses Google Docs, Google Calendar, and even Picasa quite a lot.
I bet there is no mobile OS out there did a better integration with Google Service than Android in fact made by Google itself.
And because of my HTC Desire Z Android phone, i did almost all my checking mail on the GMail app on my phone now. I no longer need to sit in front on my PC or laptop and wait for my email to arrive. When a new mail arrived, i will get an notification of it. Just like getting an SMS. So easy, so sweet, i liked it so much.
And with the physical QWERTY keyboard of the phone, i can easily reply a super long email just using my phone. You can read here on my comment on Touch and Type.
(NOTE: I do know that you still can use GMail in iPhone but there is no an GMAIL app for iPhone (yet) and functions like label cannot be used using the mail app.)

4. Ohoh…. FLASH!
Hahaha. Flash, i can browse any website without need to worry that… OHH!!! This website is flash base, my stupid iPhone cant view it. Flash video, flash game, flash website, all no problem.

5. I can change my ringtone.
Can you change your iPhone ringtone to any song without jailbreaking it? Try and see 😛

6. Most of Android apps are free.
Due to the Android limitation, we cant purchase an app in Malaysia. Therefore most of the apps are free. And most of the apps you will need to use is free. Anyway, there is also *ahem* apps that you can get for your android apps at your own risk (hint hint: Applanet)

7. I can haz SD card on my phone.
Having microSD slot on a phone is super nice, not only that you can buy a 32GB card and plug it in, but you can have MORE THAN ONE SD card and switch it when you need it. Not like Windows phone 7, which they officially dont support SD Cards, android you can even more your apps onto the SD card if your phone memory is full.

8. Mobile Hotspot
Ooo. what a nice feature. I dont even need a MiFi device, my phone is one. Sorry iPhone users. 😛
(Oh, ya, iPhone do can become a mobile hotspot, but you need to jailbreak it aka removing the sandbox layer from the OS… Oops.)

I can list even more advantage of using an Android phone than any other smartphone, but i think i will stop here. I love my HTC Desire Z very much. Hope maxis will gave it to me.
More reviews soon.


p/s: Image Credit: talkandroid

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