Maxis10: New HTC Sense, Too good to be true?

UPDATE: My phone get locked on 30/12/2010 about 4pm. Exactly 5 days after i tried to lock my phone at the time im writing the post. Well, im happy because although kinda dont work but it still lock my phone after dunno how many years later. Im sad because obviously i will forgotten the pin to unlock my phone if i play like that. 😛 (And ya, i almost forgot my pin to unlock my code. TEEHEE!!!)

One of the major feature of HTC Desire Z which exclusively available on Maxis is the new HTC Sense which work along side with As far as i know, only HTC Desire Z and Desire HD got the new HTC Sense. Will this be implemented on the older HTC phone? I got no idea. But its a nice feature. With some very nice features and idea.

I will only cover the new web service part as i dont know how different the UI, usability etc compared with old HTC Sense. But as i know is the completely new thing to the HTC Sense family.

With NEW HTC Sense and, you can find your phone remotely using the website after logged in, make your phone ring remotely, remote lock and wipe your phone, forward calls and messages to other phone.
Despite all these features are interesting enough, but do those functions works “in real life”?
Is the New HTC Sense features too good to be true?

Well, i got to say, half half loh.
Those features sometimes work and some times they just dont. I completely got no idea why.
On one night, i tried the remote lock phone feature, it work like charm, and then the other day, it just dont work at all.
One few minutes ago, i try to remote ring my phone and it worked! And after few minutes when i try to get a picture of it working, it dont work. And it gave me this message:

And the fact is im connecting my phone to the internet all the time either via wifi or mobile data =.=

But locating your phone on the map on is very accurate.

Not much things say much about the web service since this is still in an early stage, whole system still buggy, improvement shall be made and more functions will be implemented soon.
I know that HTC team is working very hard on the HTC Sense thing because this is the only “skin” on android which really offer “value added service” for android phone.
Im looking forward for the function that your SMS and contact are able to stored in cloud and on HTC Server and you can logged in to HTC Sense account on any HTC Phone and get those stuff on your phone immediately.
And the idea that i can find my phone, remote wipe and remote lock phone is very neat especially its completely FREE and come with the new HTC Desire Z phone. It can be super useful if it really work and not buggy like the current state.


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5 Responses to Maxis10: New HTC Sense, Too good to be true?

  1. limmh4988 December 26, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    Find it very inconsistent as well. HTC cant even locate my DHD properly

  2. jard December 27, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    ishh… still cant get connected lol

  3. USB 3G March 15, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    Well, interesting post, thanks!


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