Maxis10: HTC Desire Z – Type or Touch?

desire z

HTC Desire Z
I tell myself, getting this phone than HTC Desire HD is probably is the right choice. Because I fall in love with the physical keyboard the first day I used it. Again this prove that my “idea” way long before I getting the phone is correct – Physical keyboard is better than on-screen keyboard.
Well, I think the phone physical keyboard build quality contributes a lot in my decision of loving it or not.

First – nice keyboard touch and feel.
The one problem I have with on-screen keyboard is, you got no “click-click” feel, its like you are touching a piece of glass, and what happened or not, it’s not dependent on you, but the phone software.
With HTC Desire Z’s Physical keyboard, it got a nice spacing or the qwerty and nice placement of keys like Shift, Fn, and other. If i had to say one bad thing about the keyboard, it will probably be the space key is a bit too small? Maybe? But you will get used to it after some time.

Second – Backlit keyboard yohoho!
If you know, I spent a lot of time playing with my phone when im in my bed, erm, that’s the time when the light is off, im ready to sleep but not yet, then I pop up my phone and do all sorts of crazy stuff from tweeting, browsing than slashing fruits in Fruit Ninja.
Backlit keyboard save me from the worry of “oh cannot type at night when im on the bed” thing. Certainly a plus for me.

Third – Save screen space
One more reason I would like to use physical keyboard more than on-screen keyboard, is, the keyboard didn’t “eat up” half of the screen space. More screen space means more things that I can see, better is it!

Fourth – Type faster & less mistake
I do try to use the on-screen keyboard for almost a day, but I cannot tahan typing almost few character then i pop out my physical keyboard. Just because I can type much more faster and made fewer mistakes using the physical keyboard. I can “feel” where the button is, not like on-screen keyboard, what I feel is one giant piece of glass, and need to look properly before click on the glass.
So far i had been able to type almost half of the earlier blog post just by using my phone. I can do more things with the physical keyboard. Yay!

Fifth – I just like hardware button.
Enough said. Sometimes I even complain about the four touch sensitive button on the bottom of the screen. I do accidentally touch on them and they bring me to don’t know where, WHICH MAKE ME RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha. So im a fan of hardware button!
Why put touch sensitive button? Is that the button is so hard to manufacture? Or human now-a-days have didn’t eat rice and cannot have enough force to push the button down izzit!!!

Almost forgotten this, i found one situation where the touch on screen keyboard become super useful and i love that very much, is when your phone is in vertical mode, where i can simply use one hand and type things out, if the amount of text is very little, i will prefer that than popping out the physical keyboard. Sweet!

I know some of you will say, “YOU WILL GET USED TO IT” (by referring to the on-screen keyboard).
I agree with you, but you know what, now I do not ever need to “get used to” that thing simply because i have something better!

Anyway, this is my opinion. Maybe you can say im the minor few who don’t like on-screen keyboard or touch sensitive button, but, i am who I am. Haha.
Leave your comment below responding, do you agree with me or not.
If you still think On-screen keyboard is better than the physical keyboard, give me your argument, and we have discuss a bit.
Maybe you think of something I didn’t think of, or maybe you are right!?


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3 Responses to Maxis10: HTC Desire Z – Type or Touch?

  1. limmh4988 December 23, 2010 at 11:26 pm #

    HTC Desire HD!!! hahahaa.

  2. timothyckc December 26, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

    physical keyboard is definitely much better than on-screen keyboard 😀


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