#Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Pros and Cons

After about two weeks of using the HTC Desire Z, I had sum up some of the great features of the phone and some stuff that can be improved.

Let’s talk about some of the pros of the phone.

I liked the physical keyboard very much. Using it with SwiftKey, I can type out this entire blog post on my phone while lying on my bed.

The phone is very solid, not too heavy for me, I feel good with this phone.

I love the size of the phone and the screen size. It’s not too small and can comfortably sitting in my pocket and my palm.

Everything works very well on this phone, I don’t want to list them all down here. Why don’t we looks at some cons that i can find on the phone?
NOTE: If you are really looking forward to buy this phone, please read the things below, this are almost all the cons I can find on this phone. Consider if you can accept those cons since no phone is perfect.

The phone’s battery cover is made of metal or something like that. When you use the phone for gaming, heavy data, or even while charging the phone, you will feel that the phone is getting really hot, although till now I neither had face the situation till I need to put the phone down because of the heat nor the phone shut itself off because of too hot. Guess its still won’t fried your hand or the phone yet.

One more problems I have everyday using the phone, volume button is so big and I always accidentally clicked on it. Maybe it’s the way im holding the phone. As Steve jobs say, You’re holding it wrong… haha

This problem I face when I wanted to type something using the keyboard while listening to song with the earphone plugged in.
The headphone jack is blocking my left hand. Anyway, it’s a phone that’s why it’s designed like this. Not much of a problem if not having earphones on all the time.

The “big” problem for me is the battery life. 1300mAh battery is not enough for a smartphone like this. I wrote a post on that issue, you can read it here.

When i get my phone and made my first call, what i discover is the voice is so soft and i can hardly hear clearly the speaking from the other side. And after some time, i discover that the reason for that is, the earpiece is not at the middle of the speaker. How confusing. But eventually will get used of it too.

The optical trackpad is almost useless, i hardly find it useful. But anyway, it’s a plus to be there.

No front facing camera. No video call. But who uses that? Anyway, i think some of the older person will still think those phone with a front facing camera is a “3G” phone, and those which don’t have, is NOT a 3G phone. Haha,

HTCSense.com still don’t work so well, but, i think it will be great after some time. Read my review here.

And I think that’s all of my complain. One more thing. I’m still waiting for 2.3 or newer OS to come to this phone. Not sure when HTC will release it.
Make it fast can?!? Haha


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