#Maxis10: Android Games Recommendation

Gaming on Android phone (HTC Desire Z which is the phone im using) is so fun. You can poke the screen poke poke poke and never get bored.
And here i listed down some of the games i liked very much and you should definately check them out.

Check out my last post on Apps Recommendation and some guide on how to get apps to your phone other than using Android Market.

First on my list is definately Angry Bird

The more i play Angry Bird, the more i become Angry Joshua. Because of my poor skill, and im stucked in a particular level for years. Then i became angry, Then i went to http://angrybirdsguide.com/ and see how to solve it.

Fruit Ninja is the second game i cannot get enough with.

Slash slash slash fruits make my day!

Jump Jump Jump all the way to the UFO!?!

Gem Miner
Challenging yet fun game. Dig Dig Dig and find some gold!

So cute that i want to protect her.

A classic RPG game that you will get addicted with!

Paper Toss
You got nothing better to do other than trying to throw rubbish into the rubbish bin

Slice It
Slice till your brain melt.

And finally
Some Guitar Hero while waiting for Tap Tap to come to Android

What game you play on your android phone? Share it with me in the comment below.


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2 Responses to #Maxis10: Android Games Recommendation

  1. limmh4988 January 12, 2011 at 11:08 am #

    If you are able to access to paid apps either in Android Market or *ahem*, try Zenonia 2!! And also try out Gameloft HD games. Playing Assasin’s Creed now. Muahahahaha.

    • joshuatly January 13, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

      i will try when i got time. dont play much games recently 😀

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