Maxis10: A day in the life of the HTC Desire Z

Life with HTC Desire Z is absolutely fantastic. Here is how it sound:

Morning, I woke up after my HTC Desire Z alarm buzzed for like 20 times, almost unwilling to wake up but the sun tell me I musnt sleep for any longer.
Lying on the bed, holding my HTC Desire Z, I check my mail using the super awesome Gmail android app, and also following up with tweets that I missed using Tweetdeck on my android phone.
I used to do all this after I wake up on my pc, but now with HTC Desire Z, I can do it anytime I want and more importantly, in my bed 🙂

I sync my podcast downloaded using iTunes last night to my android phone using DoubleTwist AirSync, I don’t even need to plug in to usb, it sync over my wifi. So freaking cool!
Then i took bus to KL. On the way, there was a very nice song played on the bus radio and i dont know what that song is. Who can i ask? SoundHound. I pulled out my phone and get a snapshot of the song (about 10 sec) then the app automatically query the internet and tell me what song it is! It even give me the lyric. Super nice.
I wanted to hear the song over and over again but i dont have it stored on my phone yet, but luckily, i got Groovshark, which stream 192kbps quality MP3 over 3G to my phone.
After that, i get bored on the bus, i pulled out my phone again and listen to the podcast i synced earlier using DoubleTwist Player till i reach KL.

I went to cinema but not sure which movie i should catch, IMDb let me know which movie is more suitable for me and which one is more popular.
Before the movie start, i went to have lunch. Other than using the 5 mega pixel camera to take some photo and twitpic it, i also checked out some blogs and websites feed using Google Reader on android. And i will also not forget to check in Foursquare!
And i went in to the movie hall early, got a few minutes to play with Angry Bird on my phone, as most of you will agree, its super addictive.
After the movie, the movie is super good. I wanted to share it with my friends, and i figure out writing a blog post is the easiest way to express myself! But im not on a computer or laptop or netbook….
No worry, using the WordPress app, and the physical keyboard, i can easily write a blog post just using my phone.

I wanted to go to a specific shop to pick up something i ordered online. I havent been there before, but luckily i got Google Maps on my phone, and in fact, the GPS chip in the phone are able to locate my exact location pretty quickly and i got there without getting to the wrong street 😀
The thing is I got a document that i need to refer to but i forget to put it in on my phone, but nevermind, i remembered i save it to my Dropbox. With Android Dropbox apps, im able to view the file whenever i want on my phone just by a few clicks. So easy!

Then its time to go back home, on my way home, i listen to some music, and also did some light browsing using Dolphin Browser HD.
HTC Sense Friend Stream also update me with both my twitter friends and facebook friend’s update.
When i reached home, oh crap, seems my wired ISP internet service is down for dont know what reason. How do i get online?
No problem at all, i used my HTC Desire Z to do Wi-Fi mobile hotspot, and i can browse the net using my laptop again.(I bet your iPhone cannot do this right HEHEHE!)
At the same time, my phone is plugged in to USB to charge my phone.

Soon its time to sleep. Thats my A day in the life of the HTC Desire Z. And by the way, 60% of this post is written using Android WordPress App, and i believe i cant do that easily without the help of the Physical Keyboard.

So far i love this phone very very very very much. More posts later.
Coming up:
Physical Keyboard or On Screen Keyboard.


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  1. jard December 23, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    the best smartphone I’ve ever had so far. hehehe

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