Lost & Found

Had you ever lost something important somewhere else? Then amazingly someone found it and keep it for you?
SERIOUSLY! TODAY i had this experience 1st time in my life.
Let me tell the story.

I lost my student card. I didnt know until yesterday about 12am, when i wanted to go to my uni to attend a free CISCO talk. I find all over the place, spent 2 hours looking for it, worrying for it (although i’ll get my new student card soon next week, but it’ll be super not convenient for me to go into my uni =.=)
Im sad.
SUPER sad.
Then i recall what place can i possibly leave my student card at?

Then i remember on Wednesday, I went to Pavilion for movie. (I told you right!),if you dont know, SEE! You are not following my Twitter and Foursquare
And Starbucks also.

Then *light bulb*
Since i think, why dont i try to email them and see if they saw my card and picked it up?
Anyway, IMO there is only 1% of the chance i’ll get it back. 99% of the chance my card will end up in the dustbin.
I go to GSC and starbuck’s website, search for their contact email, then email to them and see if they picked it up….

Then i do my stuff, sleep and dream and forget about the thing…..
At 11pm that day i got a call. from a weird weird number…
I picked it up and its someone from STARBUCKS! They FOUND MY STUDENT CARD!!!
Im so surprised and happy! They told me the card drop behind the chair.

And just now, i went there and they gave me back my card! Super super happy
I never thought i’ll get it back. <3 Starbucks Malaysia. Thanks. Anyway, its my first time i lost something important (from what i recall), and also the first time i found something back. The story tell us, dont be so big head prawns. Always zip my bag. Always go to starbucks (since i dont think if i go mamak they will keep it for me...), and also always never think that you wont get it back! Happy happy happy Do you lost something important before? Do you get it back? Share your story with me in the comment below. joshuatly2010

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