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Hello there! It had been a long time since I last blog. I’m going to start blogging really soon, this time with a purpose! Share interesting information.

I will start my new project inAday really soon, here is how it will be (for the time being)
I will commit myself writing ONE inAday blog post a day, 5 days a week, for at the rest of 2012.

Everyday I will share one new thing that I found interesting in my life, it can be a picture, a video, a quote, a talk, a movement, a thought, a website or anything that can be shared via this medium.
inAday blog post will be short and sweet, I wont write a 500 words blog post describing that matter, a picture, or a link, with a few words to give reader the daily dose of awesomeness.
I might also cross-post all inAday posts on tumblr, just to test it out.
Other details havent been decided yet, but will hopefully start the project sometime next month.

Other than inAday blog post, I will start to write more regular blog posts, about anything that I like. So do expect more blog posts from me soon 😀 Until then!

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