K-ON!! Season 2 NEW OP2 ED2!

OK. There is a new OP and ED (named OP2 and ED2) on the new episode of K-On!! (EP 14)
The title of OP2 is Utauyo!!MIRACLE
The title of ED2 is No, Thank You!

As usual, the OP was sang by Yui, totally annoying while the ED2 was super awesome as usual.

So here is the ED2, No, Thank You!

The graphic animation is super cool too!
Till now i havent get the subbed version so i do not understand the lyric at all
*who cares?*

OK. since the OP2 is annoying, im not gonna share here.
NO lah. joking only.
Here is the OP2.


Not that bad isnt it LOL

OK Enjoy, im still waiting for coalguys to sub the EP14.
While waiting, im looping No,Thank You! on my laptop forever…


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