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Well, just watched the movie, hancock.
Just write a short review and giving some of my comments.

For those nuffnangers who going to the Nuffnang Private Screening on Monday, you may want to read about this… MAYBE.

Well, at 1st i didnt plan to watch this movie in cinema as the IMDB rating is not very high, only get 6.8/10. Then yesterday i read on The Star review, they give a 4 stars out of 5 stars.
Then only i decided to watch because of The Star review and the rating.

Then how is the movie?
Which review is more relieable?

Well, after watching it, I can give conclutions that are:
This movie is NOT an action movie.
This movie is NOT a comedy movie.
This movie is NOT a superhero movie.
If you havent watch it and planned to watch it soon, please dont hope the movie is very very very interesting one… Haha

The storyline is… OK only I can say.
Like the front part is OK, interesting, but the second part (after the supergirl coming out) that part is like want to make the movie longer…. a bit lame lah i can say

Anyway, there are places where i laugh non stop… scenes that touch me… and, some make me confuse one… Go and figure out yourself, but i wont say it is a must watch movie lah!

Like two parts can be separate into two short movies… Too bad i can say.
So dont expect too much then maybe you will satisfied with it.
And one more thing, watching in cinema is not that good cos you know la, malaysia, cut off some words ady… Figure out whats happening, go watch if you want lah! Haha

Then whats the story, Oh, i will talk about today’s GSC story…Haha. The movie’s story you can go and search for synopsis on the web and also plenty review that you can get… Or go and watch it!

Yesterday we read newspaper in school, deciding watch or dont watch. After reading the star review, and we decided to watch.
Cos of we dont plan to watch before this, then we dont go for ticket reservation. Then we scare cannot buy the ticket at that time, since weekend you know lah! Then I go and try phone reservation…
Haha, in school you know, but of cos la, rehat that time loh!
Then call, follow the procedure, and RM 1.68 used, called from digi, i think 3 minutes something.
Wow, RM1.68 leh. Mahal betul!

Today go to time square there, reach GSC ticket counter…
WAH, the ppl que from like time square until sungai wang….. wah…..

Then i go and take my ticket, they say their system is down.
Their screen on top of the counter showing nothing, the screen of their computer showing internet explorer’s page not found screen…
Too bad. Im wondering is that they use localhost or go online one?
Then is that GSC at time square’s system down of the same happend to the others.

They tell me only can collect 30 minutes before the show. thats 3pm lah, since i watch 3.30’s show.
Then i go and walk around…..

At 3pm, i go there, then i ask saying wanna to take my ticket, they tell me:
Hancock,free seating…
Then i ask, what if i had reserved the ticket?
Same, you need to buy the ticket now… seating

DIE LOH! Then i ay RM1.68 phone call for nothing?
OMG, they all gather at the entrance ady, all holding the paper, not ticket, written hancock 3.30 hall 1

Then when the now seating light light out, we no need to walk, cos the ppl at the back will push us… some sort like automatic de…
Everyone running for their life… nope, is for their seats!
Luckily i get a seat at roll B.
And then i enjoyed my movie.

Had you watched the movie?
Whats your comment about it?



4 Responses to Joshuatly’s Hancock Review

  1. lankapo July 7, 2008 at 4:55 pm #

    your review is very the confuse one haha

    i dunno whether the movie is bad or not 🙂

    try Kung Fu Panda manyak syok ooo

  2. admin July 7, 2008 at 5:38 pm #

    i can say, it is both good movie and bad movie… i also dunno lah!

  3. Викуля July 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm #

    Henkok – жвачка для мокса. Идет только с пивом и чипсами.

  4. So_unpredictable April 16, 2009 at 4:22 pm #

    good job!

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