Hey guys,

How are you all recently?

So guys, now i need YOUR help, i need you to borrow me your 3 minutes and a couple of clicks on your computer and facebook account.
And if possible, also words of mouth, or word of facebook (if you want)
So, the story is like this. PC Guru Malaysia ( is having a competition and the prize is two netbook. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope i can win THAT EITHER ONE netbook!
Cos i will need it (for travelling around with it and able to access to internet)

The contest is base of number of votes (or facebook likes). so i think with you guys, i might be able to win this contest! Haha (Im counting on YOU!)

So…Simple, in 4 steps:
1: Go to this link and become a fan (You must become a fan in order to vote)
2. After you became a fan of PC Guru Malaysia, go here and click on the freaking LIKE button!
[yea, this is my very uncool photo (DONT LAUGH WHEN LOOK AT THE PHOTO!)]
3. Help spread the word by posting this on your facebook wall or message or text your friends to vote for me (LOL, So emo)
Call your BRO SIS MOM DAD GRANDPA GRANDMA COUSINS FRIENDS DOGS CATS or anyone who have a facebook account to vote! Haha
4. You will get a big ♥ from me and hope i can win!

Thanks a lot for those are willing to LIKE my photo (although it was not that like-able IMO)
And thanks for those who spread the words.

p/s: For those who dont have a facebook account, if u want, please go register one and help me to win! Hahaha! Anyway, if you dont want, just ignore!



  1. I LOVE YOU ALL! | v2 - December 10, 2009


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