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OMG Thanks to Humble Indie Bundle (will explain about HIB in the postscript), Im able to play Minecraft till 18th August, and Im pretty sure that I will be buying this game immediately after my account is expired.

Note that i have not been playing for too long, still in the middle of learning and exploring. But here are the few things i had learn from these few hours (probably 10 hours) of playing. These things are able to apply in real life too Wakaka!

1. First thing first, I think that one day I might not able to find my way home. So solution, I will need to built my house on the hill top, and built a tall tall post above my house, so i will be able to see from long long time away.

2. When you first have a house, buy a bed (or craft one), else if you die you will respawn in the middle of no where. But in real life if you die, you have a place to rest in peace.

3. Dont walk alone in the dark. There are spiders, zombies, and skulls that will hunt you down, even some that will EXPRODE! And destroy you and everything around you. Now Im really scare when Im alone in the dark.

4. Dont bring everything with you, store some at your home. But that is at long as you can find your way home, else its the same.

5. Cook the pork before eat will heal you more. Anyway, you kill pig, you get pork chop. Not halal though. If you cannot eat pig, then you are as good as dead. So… eat pork, like a sign in Ninja Joe says, “If you can’t handle it, you’re chicken

6. Oh yea, i never know i can cut down tree using my bare hand. Must try tomorrow, in real life. Hope you wont see my tweet that Im in the hospital. Haha


OK Thats all for this time. Please take time to read my quite long postscript about Humble Indie Bundle.
If you have more minecraft tips please let me know 😀


p/s: The Humble Indie Bundle #3
Get 5 awesome indie games (most of them are puzzle games) for any amount of you want to pay. Even $0.01, but dont rip off those developers lah. And whatever you pay is for a good cause too. You can choose any portion of the money for you pay for two good charity, one is Childplay, one is EFF. For people who uses Steam a lot (like me), you can add those games to your Steam library! AWESOME!
One more note, you can buy it as a gift too, 5 awesome games made one awesome gift!

Regarding the game package, VVVVVV is a really fun game, love the graphic and music, Crayon Physics Deluxe is fun too! Cogs is challenging, And Yet It Moves is unique and i havent try hammerfight yet. Go buy it! NOW!

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