Im back!

Well, after about six days staying in Genting…
(Working actually, not play there… xD)
Im back to my home at last…. 

Hihi my Mum and Dad,  you guys must be worrying about me all the time
Hihi my Computer, miss me very much rite! So for the coming 4 to 5 days, you need to work 7-24… haha, i need to download things like mad… (i also didnt check my mail, read blogs, read news online for that few days… i miss u so much also~!)
Hihi my PSP, i miss u so much and i will bring u up there next time (i will be going up till next year after few days rest in house) I hope my psp wont leave me while im working… xD
Hihi my bed…   my bed… my bed……………….. 

So 2pm today reach home. 1st thing is switch on my computer and check mail, read some tech news…
Something interesting is my favourite browser, Google Chrome is out of BETA now!
Haha. you can read the review here (part 2) and download latest version of Google Chrome here

And at last i can see the High School Musical Movie 3 on the web, but it is still TS (Telesync) version although the movie is showing in the cinema about two months ago (while im having my stupid STPM exam…)

OK, talk a little bit about my work in genting…
Im working in Arena but since in Arena there got no show, we went to work at both The Pavilion and Genting International Showroom…
So, one day (the 1st day) in Pavilion and 4 days in Showroom.
That means i watched the same show in Showroom for four times….
The show is magic mirror the musical. Basically is a buddist show but the content is very interesting and the show is pretty well done!
I like the show (in some sense).

Basically i enjoy my work just sometimes (not sometimes, is EVERYTIME) my leg will be very tired…
So sometimes curi ayam loh… like i can go toilet for half an hour by jus sitting there and SMS… or just sit there only… xD
And i like this job is because can watch show for FREE! Haha… later coming in Arena will be 掌门人 and Leo Ku’s concert. haha. These two im most looking forward to watch… (eh, work lah, not watch!)

But the only thing not good about this work is the pay is consider quite low… (RM4.50 @ hour)
and the working time is not fixed… sometimes 3 hours, sometimes 7 hours, sometimes 9 hours… depends…
ALL is depends…
and i have a feeling that i eat more than i can earn… xD
So dont eat so much.  erm… cannot oh… erm… dunno lah.

So, i will spend most of my time in these few days in home playing computer, downloading stuff, and maybe schedule some blog post for the future! Haha.

Anyway, while im not here, you alll do can follow my twitter!
I will let you guys know what im doing or whatz up with me via SMS to twitter…
So… Check It OUT!! 



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