The PCGuru contest had currently ended.
And without surprise, im not the winner LOL
As there were two “SUPER GUYS” out there and have six hundred over people like their pictures! Wow! Impressive!

BUT BUT BUT… im not sad! Its just a game, an interesting game!
From this competition, i get know that actually i got so much friends on facebook (and some not on facebook also support by saying “add oil” to me) and willing to spread the words, like my picture! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
And proudly announce that i had TWO HUNDRED OVER LIKES on my picture!
And more interesting to know within the first 12 hours since my photo had been posted, i had been at the top of the MOST LIKED picture! ALL Because of YOU!!!

Thanks everyone! Thanks! I love you all


p/s: just go through all pictures and see who will be the 3rd (if there is a price for that guy….) and discover……


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