I Love to Touch My “Thing”

I Love to Touch My Thing.

It will just create some wonderful moments…


Do you want to touch it?

Or…… you want to get a touch of everything……..

Do you want to touch…… my….. my…..

my………………….*shy shy*

My new LG Cookie 3G

lg-cookie-1024x613.jpg (1024×613)

This post is my application to be part of another Nuffnang Party which this time named

LG Cookie Monster Party!!!

Seriously LG you got to let me into the party, or else your party will just like zzzzzzzzzzzzz….

no i was kidding again.

NO i seriously want to be part of the party.

[DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a review of the phone]

So lets tell, why are the touching thing now become a trend.

Do people no longer using keyboards?

Hell yea!

Touch screen is nice, But having a physical keyboard will be brilliant (along with a touch screen!)

But when you TOUCH… (the phone i mean)

you can do a lot more than pushing buttons.

With TOUCH, you can drag and drop things, like dropping a car from the sky?!?


YOU CAN DO SO? By touching just the SCREEN?!? A CAR FROM THE SKY????

Yes you can do so!

only with LG Cookie! Nope, there isnt an app that for it, that you can drop a car from the sky in the real world. Keep your rotten fruits away!

Let’s create wonderful moments.

And when you touch your things (i mean LG Cookie phone)

You will get free flow of cash and drinks….

Dont believe me?


You will get the money and free bear from your friends…..

All thanks for social network integrated LG Cookie phones…. 

What else you CAN by just touching MY thing?

Get girls to change to their sexy skirts….

which sound ridiculous.

But see!

Thats a really wonderful moment that you can create!

But, you think can everyone own a phone that you can touch touch and do such amazing thing?

YEA YOU CAN! Everyone can!

LG is breaking the rule of the rotten fruit and the green robot that touch my body phone must be damn expensive.


Plus, you dont need an app to connect to the social media. Its just came right out of the box, its so easy! All with smart social network service!

Plus, now you can always stay online with new LG Cookie 3G which comes with 3G, and also WiFi which you can online pretty everywhere in the world. You no longer need to find a cybercafe just to check your facebook wall or tweet something and check your @ reply….

Just hold your phone! And get connected!

With LG Cookie phone, you can TOUCH EVERYTHING! Cause you are on top of everything! You are connected to the internet via a cute phone!

Did i forgot to mention that this phone come with 5 amazing colour?

Forgot about the boring black and white colour choice of phone, 5 amazing colours, there must be one that you like right!

So, at last, lets see how this post get me to the party….

Will i get to the LG Cookie Monster Party next month?

the video say YAY!

I must be able to join the party with this blog post!

What i need to do now, is wait (for nuffnang’s invitation) and just head to LG Cookie Monster Party, and bring an LG Cookie 3G Phone Home!

That time i WILL write a review of the phone! (If i win XD)

OH WAIT! Did you get the website which you can get pretty every piece of information about this cute little touchy phone, head to http://www.lg.com/my/cookie/index.html now and check out this phone!


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  1. sop July 5, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    nice entry..
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