I learnt a lesson

Recently my site had been down for some days. This is basically because of RIM is invesigating on copyright issue on my blog. As you know, before this i share some copyright materials on my blog like Jay Chou’s Songs and MVs download link, and basically their target is on my online streaming page.
Since they take action and contact my server’s person in charge, he decide to suspend it for some time.
And thanks god very much that the RIM didnt send me the email at last.
For now, all download links are removed…..

So i had learnt to be more careful of what im blogging… not to share copyright materials or download link esp for songs and movie…

And for other bloggers also, i hope this can at least raise some awareness to you guys…
Base of some forumers @ lowyat.net, they say if want to share copyright materials, go to russian hosting… dunno? Haha.

And still one more week to exam… im still playing with my computer and PSP everyday… i cant stop… i cant study… Help me…
When i study Chemistry, it makes me cry!
When i study Maths, i discover that things i know is still very little and i had done very very very few excercise…
When i study Physics, i can read the text book again and again, but still cant attemp the question… i hate memorizing things… but still have to memorize.
When i study Pengajian Am……. i havent start to study my PA… haha. All last minute work. 

OK, thats all for today. Later still need to study very hard.
signing off….


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  1. CLF November 9, 2008 at 11:05 pm #

    LOL at least now you can study your STPM without worrying bout ur blog, good luck!

  2. underwater89 November 10, 2008 at 12:10 pm #

    hey me too…1 week to go..n im still playing the comp…
    vr in d same boat here dude..
    i reli dunno wut 2 du abt chem..especially d organic part..jst cnt seem 2 du it..ill read it a million times but..noooo..i jst cnt put it 2 pen n paper..
    its worst coz pa n chem r on the same day..shyt!
    dun let get started on maths…haizzzz…im keepin pa 4 d last minute…thank god paper 1s d following week..
    i need help 2…i need motivation n d drive 2 sit down n study…

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