I Just Love Good Smelling People

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Different people love and hate different of things ya! and…
Body odor was one of those things that used to bothers me a lot.

Im not a sports guy.
(My sport is only like exercising my fingers typing blog post and exercising my eyes watching drama all the time LOL)
I do have friends that play sports , and sometimes I join their game (by watching at one side LOL)
After the game we usu went to makan or something like that.
I discover that some of them doesnt smell bad although sweating like hell….
On the other hand I smell bad after only a few hundred meters walk from lrt station to my house…

Whats wrong with me?

This question used to bother me a lot until I go and ask them.
Then only I know their secret.

Adidas Action 3
Adidas got a whole list products that specially for Male, Female and diffrent parts of body etc!
Wow.im impressed with this product.
and after using this, my mum no more complaining of my body odor anymore.
and guess, everyone kist love good smelling people,
including me
So Adidas Action 3 will help u if u have any kind of “smelling problem”

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  1. Felix Yukito March 9, 2010 at 12:39 am #

    LOL, tehy give u free sample for you to write this? xD

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