I get a job!

So happy to share with you all, that i get a job and going to work tomorrow!
Hahaha, so happy since i had been job-less for these few days.
Damn boring sit home, everyday also play computer, watch dvd, play psp (djmax), sleep, eat…..
Haiz. At least got something to do and more importantly…. GOT MONEY! Haha
My job is as a promoter at nearby supermarket TF.
Work for Yeos.
So who want to buy Yeos drink can buy from me… but no deliver… Haha.
The pay is quite good, RM50 per day. No commision, means that i can be a promoter that sleep there, then no need to do sales anything… xD Then got fired after 1 day. lol
Time is from 1pm – 10pm. After calculating, the pay i get is much more higher than working in Genting, plus can sleep on my own bed.

I work for only 14 days, means that this work is only for before CNY.
Means that i can enjoy my CNY! Yeah~
Means that i need to find a job again after my CNY… thats terrible.
And by working for this, i got RM700! Haha. very happy… lol

And another happy thing to share is, i pass my undang exam today… but not very good lah, at least pass.
43/50. the passing mark is 42/50.
OK lah. reasonable. since i only spend less than 2 hours reading my undang book.

And last one happy thing is, im getting my new hand phone later in today!
New phone… Nokia N82.
Why getting this phone?
Cos i want a camera that have phone function. Read carefully, is a camera that have phone function, NOT a phone that have camera function…
Thats why i choose N82, and is also it is affordable by me.
I use my saving for these two years to buy these phone, including my pocket money, money i earn when work, money from blog advertiesment…
xD xD
very “gan zheong” before getting my phone… why the time pass so slow….
will write about my phone more soon.

After i start working, i hope i still can spend sometime to blog.
And hope you enjoy my blog.

Coming soon….
1. Im reconstructing my edu blog. Repairing download links, content and more new content. Should be finish reconstructing by March.
2. I have a new themed blog and forum opening soon… i bourght the domain name http://dj-max.org/. wordpress and phpbb is setting up. Will let you guys know when its ready to online. BTW, how to make a flash intro for my site… i want to try making it myself. Any guide?


2 Responses to I get a job!

  1. Ah Hong January 10, 2009 at 7:48 pm #

    Bro…good to have a job man. I still remember the jobless day at home, everyday play PS2 oni. Kakakaka

    I am not multimedia guy…can’t help much on the Flash part :p

    Plus, I hate Flash because I don’t have talent in drawing and making things live…kakaka

  2. caprie January 20, 2009 at 11:03 am #

    Hola!! i’m jst want to say HEPI CHINESE NEW YEAR!! got more money for next week ya!! enjoy your clebration…

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