How Celcom/XPAX Fail Me

Just now i went to Youth’10 event.
Actually i went there with not much expectation, as i knew it will be damn boring. Therefore i just went there for conference.
Cos of stupid me i wakeup damn late, i miss all those interesting talks in the morning and afternoon.
But luckily im able to catch @nikicheong’s talk which is what im looking for.

@Nikicheong speaking

Totally nothing too interesting on Youth’10 event
I just get UOX prepaid pack since…. i dunno. maybe i have too much money? No lah. I buy it for the twitter. and they say no need to topup till im 25? dunno lah.
Just to try out.
I still <3 my DiGi although they gimmi A LOT OF TROUBLE! (search my blog) Since my DiGi Twitter SMS Fail me (but they refund to me already)
and i got an old phone sitting there, i buy this celcom to try out their twitter sms service.

Celcom is damn xien. 1st thing is… i got to register lottsa different account at different celcom website.
Ridiculous right?
I need to register at
1) UOX
2) Their OCS (Online Customer Service)
3) Channel X
and more? Dunno. maybe there IS more!
So DiGi +3 <3

Second thing,
when u visit hxxp://, XPAX prepared a surprise for you!!!

From xpax kena
From xpax kena
From xpax kena
From xpax kena
From xpax kena
From xpax kena
From xpax kena

(Snapshots taken by 5pm 29/5/2010)
and tested again on 11pm 29.5.2010 the website still surprise me!

FAIL FAIL FAIL! DiGi Website serve me normally. And their surprise for me are usu their services breakthrough!
So DiGi, +100 <3 And more other things, which i lazy to blog! DONT EVERY TRY to go to xpax website without a proper anti virus! I Love My DiGi.

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