Haiz… these days really busy, no time to blog!
Then now come a quick update…

Long awaiting holiday came at last…
And what i had planned to do on this holidays…
Part will go as planned, and Part may not…

So, the part that go as planned is study plan…
Then the part that goes off one is my relax plan…

Hm… seems im typing something wrong…
Sounds wrong…
Oh, terbalik ady! Haha
It is, planned to relax and all go as planned, but the other way round for my study plan!

Haha, biasa lah for joshuatly…
When is your STPM?
Dunno woh!

Not really lah! This holiday i will put more efford on my study, and hope can cover some important part to face my trial exam after holiday.
And also part of my time spending at tuition center. As usu!

And… my relax plan… WONDERFUL!
Ok, WALL-E, and BATMAN, im coming soon!

Since when,… i think about two months ago, i had watched the wall-e trailer video and 6 small clip, im i love with the cute wall e and the damn cool Eve!
From that day, i keep reading the IMDB page about wall e, hooking on its trailer page to wait for more new clip… Reading articles about it…
And tomorrow, i will go to cinema and watch it!


(Important, You MUST watch these clips if you havent, even after you had watched the movie!)

And one more movie is… the dark knight!

Quite some time ady since the movie is showing on the cinema…
Too bad i already miss the IMax super big screen show, and too bad i watch it only when the movie left 1 show in the cinema (Only one show on Time Square…)


BUT, i MUST watch these two movies…
Since two is the blockbuster movie this year!
Wall e get a very high rating from all the reviewers:-
IMDB: 8.7/10
Google: 4.8/5
The star: 5stars/5stars!

And no need me to introduce the dark knight lah:
IMDB: 9.2/10
Google: 4.7/5
The star: 5stars/5stars!


Ok, lets talk about the others, in this holiday, i will put more time on my edu blog since SPM and STPM is coming soon, i will release out all info i have in hand currently to my readers.
If you have friends having SPM or STPM this year, this is a must visit blog for info and tips!

Then… I will try to write some post in this holiday, but these days writing blog i had put more efford in order to make it better, and of cos it takes more time…
Did you discover that every post have a banner?
Haha, i think you do, and hope you like it…

Happy Holiday to all!




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