Holiday… ends

Well, not much post in this holiday…
Haiz… too bad.
This holiday, as expected, things dont go as planned (Study plan) but my relax plan do!
So, the period that i can enjoy is until today only… last day, too bad.
After school re-open, i need to work hard or else i will die in my Trial Exam!

Haha, the best thing i did last holiday is watched two really good and interesting movie, they are: Wall-E and The Dark Knight…
Lets see my little comment about both of these movies!

Hm… what words should i use?
Interesting, educational, touching, make me laugh all the time… (even after the show ends…)
Really good movie, bringing out the moral value of we need to do something to save our environment from becoming a place where full of rubbish…

I even want to watch the movie for the second, third, fourth time…
If possible in cinema, or else on DVD! Haha, i really want to laugh again!

And the dark knight, the movie really impress me!

Even it is weekday, and after showing for 2 months, the ticket sold 100% for that particular show…
Haiz… made me have no place to put my bag… Haha
And as expected, the movie also impress me, storyline and action all are very well done…
I really sad that i missed the iMax screening, i miss the best audio system and the biggest screen which i believe it will be a value add to that movie in such a good environment!
And since i watched batman begin just week before i watch this movie, so im able to join the storyline together! And im waiting for the DVD to come out! So that i can watch again and again, and again, and again…
And really want to wait for the third episod to come out…
But i need to say, this movie wont be so interesting without the…. JOKER!

One day my friend asked me, what had you study in this holiday?
I answer: OLYMPIC!
then after that i ask some of my friends, getting the same answer too…
Should i say it is good or bad?
The olympic period same with our school holiday?
Anyway, really spend some of my time watching those events and surfing the net, downloading stuff related…
If not olympic, i also dont think i will study when im home…

Now school reopen, wed we will go to visit the parlimen…
And soon will be my Big day Big event part 2….
This weekend…
Haha, very happy!

I need more time on maintaining my edu blog…

Before i end, there is a very nice song that you all must listen to it if you havent, that is:
陈奕迅 – 然后怎样
Go and find it out and listen!


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  1. Jia En Grace August 25, 2008 at 11:06 pm #

    I watched toooo much,,,,TV—Olympics…
    I watched toooo much movies…one movie at least 6 times within the holidays….but mostly teenage movies.
    I go online tooooo often….then…it ENDS UP LEAVING ALL HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK UNCOMPLETE…..
    Got do a bit of study…but jz a bit,….therefore…i am going to collapse in the coming trial exams….
    I hereby wish u good luck in exams….
    Jia You….!!!!


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