Hi October, Bye September

Hi October, Bye September

Wah, so fast ha, one month gone already.
I had been studying in APIIT for about 2 months already!
And 2 assignments handed out
(the second one, which just finish yesterday killed 50% of my energy and brain cells!)

Last month, had not been blogging that actively, (11 blog post in total, still ok ok lah)
but i tweet really a lot! (245 tweets for last month, highest record of no of tweet per month) Hehe
(you can see my tweet stats here: TweetStats)
And please, follow my twitter OK? http://twitter.com/joshuatly

I hope this month i will be able to tweet more, blog more and facebook less….
The main reason im so so so busy, one is assignment, another (in fact is main reason) is facebook…
Arrgghhhhh…. too many facebook games i need to play everyday (every hour), too busy for mafia wars…
Hate myself… LOL

For those who are taking PMR, facing exam soon woh! All the best!
For those who are taking SPM,STPM, Play Hard, Study Hard.
I will try my best to find u guys SPM and STPM trial papers and tips and post it up on here

Happy mooncake festival to all too!


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