Hepi saturday night

Saturday night life wont be interesting if just staying at house… …

No la. Actually if chatting with family members also quite enjoying.
But go chatting and yamming cha with old friends are more enjoyable.

This week came back bentong only for one reason. Gathering with friends that back from public u.
(but sadly some of them their holiday was grabed by h1n1, and some didnt able to make it, still at kl or other places.)

And more importantly this is “the last supper” with sheldon, before he never come back, go to us. So next time i meet him, there will be two malaysian top software engineer sitting side by side. Hehe.
Of cos, meet some long time no see friends,
Sunny, who going to singapore soon, next time i meet him he will be the shushi sifu le.
Helen, who start printing money by giving tuition classes. Walau. She will be damn rich soon. Hehe.
2 lokes, who are getting more leng lui and more according to pao pao, storing their photo in hard disc make your hard disc much heavier. Figure out what do that means. Lol.
Chee keen, where is jie chi? And where is your green kancil?
Hong, we didnt actually chat except his “head” become red in colour liao. And he was busy impressing girl. Lol
Shel, we chat a lot about our course since he is taking software engineering too. And bye bye to him. All the best to him at us too.
And of cos not to forget pao pao who gave his 1st time of car accident to an uncle in bentong town on saturday afternoon. Lolz. He say he busy studying till no time to watch movie wo! Pretty impressive.

And saturday was yoke yee‘s bday too. So sad to hear her situation at local u isn’t that good, and miss her so much too.
And and and miss chean san, gavin, jane etc they all too.

Going back to kl again on sunday. Feeling sad cos going to miss my family members, my friends who still having their holiday, my bed, piano and a lot.


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