Hari Raya

Today is hari raya day, and its children day!
So i got no reason not to let myself relax a bit!
So today we went to two malay’s friend’s house, and just come back.
Very happy although very tired… i sleep at 3 yesterday… and today wake up @ 9. sleep 6 hours only… + got tuition this morning… then only go to their houses from 2 to 6.30!
just went back and have a bath…

Get two green pao instead of ang pao we all get in chinese new year…
Very happy and thanks for their foods and drinks. (as usu, i eat and drink a lot… haha)

And of cos here to wish all readers happy hari raya and for those who didnt celebrate then, happy holiday.
For those who no holiday, happy working loh! Haha…
and for children like me, happy children day! lol

And here to share my favourite raya tv ads.
the hantu proton ads, that i think is last year ads, but i think still showing this year!

And actually the TV3 ads this year also damn funny,. the kucing one, mau, tak mau…
but i cant find a proper version on the net…
if you found any do share!
Cos im usu watch these commercials via youtube and i dont watch TV frankly!

How about YOUR favourite raya ads?
Share with us by posting a comment!


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